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Greg & Geri Uihlein


Real Estate Professional 

With The G.U. Crew of the Uihlein Group

43 years of marketing experience, 13 years in Real Estate and 13 years sales management group combined.




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Results, Time, Money, and Peace of Mind!

We pride ourselves on helping you sell your home as quickly and easily as possible, for themost money. And, in today’s market with low inventories, we often can sell homes in just one day! So, why do you need us? Because those are our results. You might not be able to achieve them. We work hard to get to know the buyers who are currently looking for homes. We network with other agents and have a list of contacts on the ready for new home listings. And, because we’re part of a team, the GU CREW, our responsiveness is hard to beat!

Other reasons to hire an agent, even when homes in your area are selling fast, is to save yourself time and headaches and to get a higher price.

Save Yourself Time – Vetting potential buyers, scheduling appointments, and showing your home is time consuming. And, if you don’t enjoy these tasks it can be an excruciating experience. Hiring an agent to do this for you frees you up so you can continue to work, take care of your family, or enjoy other activities. Not to mention, most of the time when you’re selling your home, you are also in the market to buy a home and you’ll have to make viewing houses a priority to get a jump on a potential home purchase. It iscompetitive out there!

Someone to Help You Negotiate – In a sellers’ market, the offers often come in above asking price and you have a bit more room to counter offer and negotiate. Having someone handle that process for you is often a relief, giving you peace of mind. We track the paper work and are on your side during the nerve-racking process of selecting the best buyers from among the different offers. And, in your best interests, we expertly negotiate with them. You don’t want to leave money on the table!

Get a Higher Price – Similarly, houses listed with a real estate agent generally are sold for much higher prices. We will help you through the listing process, making sure you’re listing your home for as much as it is worth and will help you through the appraisal process. We offer tips to help you make your home look as attractive as possible, so that it shows great during viewings and open houses. Then, we will market your home aggressively to the largest pool of prospective buyers possible. Helping to ensure a faster sale!

So, when selling your home, get the results you deserve, while saving yourself time and increasing your sale price and peace of mind, by hiring a real estate agent. These factors add up to why, even in a hot real estate market, listing with an agent is to your advantage. And also, why listing with the GU CREW, with our years of experience and our team of real estate professionals, can be the best move you make!

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