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Greg & Geri Uihlein


Real Estate Professional 

With The G.U. Crew of the Uihlein Group

43 years of marketing experience, 13 years in Real Estate and 13 years sales management group combined.




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Property Address
0 Warner Road Saline 
1002 Duncan Street Manchester
10497 Jackson Road Somerset
108 Williams Street Stockbridge
111 Forest Avenue Ypsilanti
11254 Huckleberry Lane Grass lake 
1141 Nelson Street Grass lake
1158 Norvell Road Grass lake
1209 Addington Lane Ann Arbor
12370 Waterloo Munith Road Munith
12800 Leach Grass lake
1345 Portage Road Grass lake
1400 Liebeck Road Chelsea
149 Burt Jackson
1620 Arbordale Ann Arbor
1622 Decamp Road Stockbridge
1718 Springmill Lane Ann Arbor
1722 Charlton Avenue Ann Arbor
1805 Franklin Court Ann Arbor
1983 Harding Ypsilanti
20516 Hugh Street Livonia
210 Harris Street Saline
2150 Pauline Boulevard Ann Arbor
2230 Portage Road Jackson
2437 Berry Road Rives Junction
251 Valley Drive Ypsilanti
2610 Dearing Road Parma
2758 Seminole Ann Arbor
2978 Shady Lane Ann Arbor
2980 Loeffler Road Chelsea
3006 Forest Creek Ann Arbor
3017 M-52 Stockbridge
304 Main Street Munith
3095 Budd Road Stockbridge
311 Hiscock Street Ann Arbor
313 Porter Jackson
318 Watts Street Jackson
3252 Heeney Road Stockbridge
3303 Williamsburg Road Ann Arbor
35 Hewitt Road Ypsilanti 
350 Briarcrest Ann Arbor
354 Washington Chelsea
436 Portage Street Grass Lake
4380 Chris Lane Ann Arbor
4425 Chapman Stockbridge
4743 Main Street Stockbridge
5002 Clinton Street Stockbridge
5142 M106 Stockbridge
515 Higby Street Jackson
5235 Moechel Stockbridge
5282 Particular Court Bloomfield Hills
530 Rosedale Road Ypsilanti
576 Kuehnle Street Ann Arbor
5783 Reynolds Jackson
6001 Heyer Street Romulus
601 Fox Ypsilanti
614 Wood Street Stockbridge
625 Fieldstone Circle Chelsea
7086 Lochmoor Drive Ypsilanti
738 Christy Jackson
7442 Red Bird Drive Ypsilanti
8050 Fairview Court Jackson
806 Michigan Avenue Jackson
816 Clinton Stockbridge
8828 Creekway Drive Ypsilanti
9287 Sand Pointe Drive Whitmore Lake
933 Woodlawn Ann Arbor

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