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Sue Porrello Shimooka

List It, Sell It, Buy It, Love It!

Mayfield Village Office, OH
6501 Wilson Mills Road
Mayfield Village, OH 44143
(440) 461-0100

"Being honest may not get you many friends, but it will get you the right friends."   John Lennon

Choose the right REALTOR as you would choose a FRIEND!

Communication and Trust are the key ingredients to a successful Realtor/Client relationship.  My passion and enthusiasm and sincere connections with people have developed into a successful real estate career.  With honesty, integrity and progressive marketing skills,

I will List It, Sell It, and you will Buy It and Love It!

Sue Porrello Shimooka, Realtor




I look forward to meeting and assisting you in a successful rental property search.  Prior to our first appointment, so that I may best assist you, please review and complete the following renter client application process. 

Anyone 18 or over will be subject to application process and background check.

  1. So that I may best make use of your time, I ask that you complete the tenant screening process through the Tenant Magic link below prior to our first appointment, simply follow the link to complete your background check/ qualifying process. 
  2. Your results will be sent to me which will provide me with the information needed to present to your future landlord at the time of application, improving your chances of success! Although there is a $35 fee to complete this process, you will also get a copy of the information for your use. (This tenant screening process will verify your credit score, tenant history and any criminal history).  Additionally, based on the individual property, each owner determines a set of minimum qualifying criteria, and this process usually will expedite their decision.
  3. Documented proof of income is a requirement to be submitted at time of application.
  4. We will then move on to your search for that perfect rental property with the confirmation that you will be a solid candidate when you apply for the rental property of choice.

Apply Here

Thank you.


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