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Alie DeRoche

Alie - Your REALTOR for all Your Buying- & Selling Needs

Alie DeRoche
Peninsula Office, VA
724 Thimble Shoals Blvd #100
Newport News, VA 23606
(757) 595-8895

You wouldn’t expect your father’s brother to introduce himself to your friends, co-workers or extended family with a burst of credentials and professional facts, would you? I didn’t think so. Well since most of my residential real estate business, over the past 15 plus years, has come through well satisfied client- and friend referrals, I typically start the communication with, “How may I help you reach your real estate objective?”

I believe buying and selling real estate, more so than other items, is all about you. So, what you want, and the questions you have are key. I like to begin with your expectations, because, my goal is to satisfy you. I do this by listening to your conversations, asking you questions, and clarifying your needs.

Sure, I have a professional pedigree: REALTOR; degrees in Economics and Public Administration; military officer and aviator; COO for a not-for-profit and a international health-supplement sales company; a husband and father of three; and, active in church leadership. But, it’s the personal satisfaction I get from helping people satisfy their real estate needs that makes me your best asset in the process—I’m tenacious. Real estate is typically the largest financial, family and social investment a person makes; I love playing a not-so-insignificant part. My referred business comes from clientele that believe in my experience, how I provide service, and the benefit they receive by working together with me, your REALTOR.

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