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Richard Mahne

OVER 30 YEARS OF Real Estate Experience With Quality Service and Excellent Results!


Customized Marketing


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Qualified Buyer Program

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My Commitment to Sellers: To Communicate Efficiently and Often as well As to make this process stress free,with minimum inconvenience to get your home solCommunicatin will be timely,factual andd in the shortest amount of time. WHen you list with me and HH your getting top quality service  24/7 marketing. recognize  the multi- generational buyers warranty, assurance ,ask me about a customized marketing plan for you!

  • To Communicate Efficient and  Factual Information as Often as Needed.
  • To Make Your Home Selling Process as Stress Free as Possible
  • To Provide You With Top Quality Service
  • 24/7 Marketing
  • To Get Your Home Sold as Quickly and Effectively as Possible!

          Ask Me About A Customized Marketing Plan For You!

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