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Paul Paratto
Certified Residential Specialist

ALWAYS CALL PAUL 440-516-4444

Paul Paratto, CRS

I specialize in...

• Find a new home, then sell my existing home
• Sell my existing home, then find a new home
• Help negotiate the sale or purchase of the home
• Preparing your home for sale
• How to maximize the profit in selling your home

• Moving across town or across the nation? I can help!

• Understanding the building process
• Where and whom to build with
• When to put my home on the market-timing

• Condominiums
• Ranch Homes
• Downsizing

Believing all real estate agents are the same and can achieve the same results is a common misconception that can potentially cost you.

For the past 25 years, I've been there for you. From finding a home to the closing date (the day you move in), including financing, contracts, negotiation, guidance, title work, escrow and inspections.

2014 National Sales Excellence & Top Producer Award


References of past clients

Alan & JoAnn Mihok                      SOLD 9591 Holden, Kirtland Hills

                                                         BOUGHT 7280 Hunters Trail, Concord.

Sam & Kathleen Patrizi                  SOLD 2435 Pine Valley, Willoughby Hills

                                                         BOUGHT 35830 Boyd Ct, Willoughby

Donald & Angie Wade                    SOLD: 29001 Foxboro, Willowick

Stephen Regovich                          SOLD 6452 Deer Haven, Concord

Dane & Melanie Clark                     SOLD 5640 Canyon Ridge, Perry Twp

                                                          BOUGHT: 7964 Augusta Lane, Concord

Randy & Nancy Sharpe                  SOLD 7633 Oakridge, Concord

MaryAnn Dominick                         SOLD 7639 Holly, Mentor-Lake

                                                          BOUGHT 7399 Sharonlee, Mentor

Dan & Marissa Haverlock               SOLD 6292 Cumberland, Mentor

                                                          BOUGHT 7780 Champaign, MEntor

Jim & Lori Stanicki                          SOLD 11596 Forestview, Chardon

                                                          BOUGHT 38080 Cross Creek, Willoughby

Hayley Gondek                                 SOLD 833 Worden Rd, Wickliffe

                                                           (Hayley is a real estate appraiser)

Gulamrasul & Meher Puthawala     SOLD 5283 Hickory Dr, Lyndhurst

Kiran &Arti Patwari                          SOLD 505 Lassiter Dr, Highland Hts

Ron & Karen Ferrato                       SOLD 10490 Barchester Dr, Concord

Zi-Ping Fang                                     SOLD 6698 Wildwood Tl, Mayfield Vllg

Steve Jochum                                   SOLD 8363 Dartmoor Dr, Mentor

Chris and Sharon Sammon              SOLD 34670 Carriage Lane, Wlby

Scott & Mary Lou Purtell                  SOLD 119 Pine Hollow, Chardon

Renee Swiliak                                    SOLD 1815 Dansy Dr, Euclid

Scott & Jennifer Marlow                   SOLD 357 Ravine Dr, Aurora

Jeff & Jennifer Lexa                          SOLD 7694 Oak Hill, Chesterland

Dolly Rhodes                                     SOLD 29213 Lakeshore, Willowick

Carol and Larry Hoffman                 SOLD 5287 Strawberry Ln, Willoughby

Justin & Jessica Sudo                     SOLD 4074 Harwood, South Euclid

Frank & Mary Ann Sirianni              SOLD 800 Hardwood Ct, Mayfield Vllg

David Shugart & James Szabo       SOLD 11181 Caraway Cove, Concord

Greg & Barbara Consolo                 SOLD 5022 Corliss Rd, Lyndhurst

Steve & Susan Hersch                     SOLD 7596 Mountain Park, Concord

Michael & Cynthia Vendeland         SOLD 4882 Donald Ave, Richmond Hts

Anne & Thomas Skelley                  SOLD 5453 Melody Lane, Willoughby        

Gloria D’Amico                                SOLD 108 Chatham Way, Mayfield Hts

Charles Patterson                           SOLD 37891 Lakeshore, Eastlake

Richard & Maribelle Barth              SOLD 237 Heather Lane, Eastlake

Dorothea Kingsbury                       SOLD 5400 Muirfield Dr, Pepper Pike

Mark & Kiley Simmons                   SOLD 6826 Cherry Blossom, Mentor

Evelyn Keefer                                  SOLD 829 Belwood, Highland Hts

John Hola                                        SOLD 2880 Hayes Dr, Willoughby Hills

                                                          SOLD VL 4-8 on Hayes Dr, Wlby Hills

Benjamin & Amy Schaum              SOLD 25039 Rushmore Ct, Richmond Hts

Christopher & Melissa Nicula       SOLD 910 Lost Pond, Chardon

Ronald & Dorothy Sturgis            SOLD 13916 Fox Hollow Dr, Novelty

Dolores Tucky                               SOLD 996 Cranbrook Dr, Highland Hts

Tom and Nancy Wilson                SOLD 33755 Rosewood Trl, Wlby Hills

Jim Dickard                                    SOLD 70 Gullybrook Ln, Willoughby

Richard & Beverly Schaefer         SOLD 10242 Lola Ct, Concord


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