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Fredonia, NY

 Photo by Jimmy Emerson (jimmywayne on Flickr)

About Fredonia

Just minutes from Interstate 90, you’ll find the village of Fredonia and the western-most campus of the State University of New York, SUNY at Fredonia. The University boasts national acclaim for its music, theatre, dance and communications programs, including its cutting-edge curricula in visual arts and new media. It was recently rated as the best public university value in the North, third best in the nation, by U.S. News and World Reports’ "America’s Best Colleges."

With the University as a cultural hub, village residents enjoy a rich lifestyle filled with music, theater, and athletic events. In downtown Fredonia, you’ll find interesting shops and restaurants and the renovated 1891 Opera House, which still functions as an entertainment hall and theater. Festivals Fredonia conducts themed, weekend events throughout the year, including the Victorian Dazzle; Red, White & Blues; Harvest Moon; and Miracle on Main Street celebrations.

Located on the shores of Lake Erie in the heart of the Concord Grape Belt, the Village of Silver Creek had 2,699 residents according to the 2010 census.  Routes 5 and 20, which run parallel throughout most of the county, intersect downtown in the center of the business district, where you can view Silver Creek’s historic bandstand.  Other landmarks include Silver Creek's famous Skew Arch, built in 1869, which is similar to only two others in the world. A skew arch differs from a standard arch in that the outside angles are parallel, but not at right angles. In other words, the formation resembles more of a parallelogram than a rectangle or square.

In addition to Lake Erie, Fredonia also has two creeks, Walnut and Silver.  The creeks flow through the village separately, then connect north of the business district and empty into Lake Erie.

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