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Cardamone Home Builders

Cardamone Home Builders

165 Rich Rd
Ithaca, NY  14850

Our Team

Steve Cardamone


Hammer in hand, Steve S. Cardamone was a ready and willing learner from an early age. He quickly discovered that building homes as an employee of others limited his creative and professional vision. Not only did Cardamone bring workmanship, attention to detail and design to the profession, but perhaps more importantly, the understandings of a homeowner. Today, as he works along side his two sons Scott and Corey, this knowledge is at the root of Cardamone Home Builders in Ithaca, New York.

Steve Cardamone began very small by purchasing a fixer-upper with every dollar he could borrow. The house was subsequently transformed into a beautiful home, and sold quickly. With profit in hand Steve moved on, and then on again, always moving forward with the fine craftsmanship, professional service and a die-hard work ethic for which his company is known. Cardamone Home Builders did not rise to the top of Ithaca and Southern Tier homebuilders overnight, but grew through

Cardamone Home Builders continues moving forward as Steve launches yet another development of fine-crafted homes within the Ithaca region. He will leave the completion of this project to Scott and Corey, who exemplify everything their father has taught them about dedication to family, work, community and homebuilding. Steve is very proud of his sons and their outstanding contributions to the family business and trusts that they will continue in his footsteps as quality, custom homebuilders in Ithaca and the Southern Tier.



Corey has worked with Cardamone Home Builders since he was in high school. He found his niche within the business and now takes on the duties of foreman, working 12-hour days 6 days a week, to ensure all deadlines and quality requirements are met. A father to three athletic children, on his day off Corey Cardamone can be found with his lovely wife in towns across the Southern Tier as they cheers their children on from the sidelines. Corey also coaches his daughter’s softball team. He fondly remembers all of the 100+ homes he has built over the past 23 years for the Ithaca and Southern Tier communities, and in his spare time continues to buy, fix and sell properties around the region. Corey brings his meticulous eye for detail and perfection to the business, and his custom-trim work is unparalleled within the region.





Scott’s phone can be heard ringing across the homebuilding site throughout the day as he seamlessly switches from power tools to telephone in order to manage ordering, billing, scheduling, deliveries, and client inquiries. Scott’s charm and success lay within his genuine enjoyment of meeting and working with others, and he representsCardamone Home Builders with good cheer and a well-calloused handshake. A self-described ‘Lifer’ in the business, Scott, who studied Computer Aided Drafting and Manufacturing, enjoys spending time with his wife and two children and speeding around on their various motorcycles, boats and cars. In addition to working 12-hour days 6 days a week, he owns, manages and maintains every aspect of a 72-unit apartment complex in the Southern Tier. Like his father and brother, Scott brings relentless quality and customer service to every aspect of his professional life.

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