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Home Insurance

Want to know more about homeowners insurance?

Your home insurance policy can include:

  • Guaranteed replacement costs on your home and contents
  • Flexible deductibles to suit your needs
  • Increased limits and schedules for jewelry and other valuable articles
  • Personal liability protection and home-based business protection    
  • Sewer and drain back-up coverage
  • Mine subsidence
  • Additional discounts for home and auto packages, new home purchase discounts, claim free discounts, and so much more.

No property is too difficult for Howard Hanna Insurance Services to insure! We offer a variety of coverage options for just about any housing situation, including:

  • Condominium
  • Landlord / Investment Property
  • Vacant / Unoccupied Homes
  • Log Homes
  • Renter’s / Tenant
  • Vacation / Seasonal
  • Builder’s Risk (New Construction)
  • Mobile / Modular Homes

Home Warranty Protection

Howard Hanna Insurance Services always recommends that homeowners purchase home warranties to protect their budgets in the event of unexpected (but often inevitable) home system and appliance breakdowns. Our insurance agents will connect you with a home warranty provider for coverage for your home system components and appliances.

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