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HSA Home Warranty

HSA Home Warrenty

The HSA Home Warranty is a renewable, one-year service contract that can help to protect your budget against the high cost of unexpected covered repairs or replacements of major components of your home's systems and appliances. This warranty eliminates the daunting task of finding a service company. When a covered breakdown occurs, you simply contact HSA and they will refer you to a qualified, licensed service provider.

Benefits for Buyers

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments you’ll make. Be confident in your decision by asking the seller to include an HSA Home Warranty in your purchase agreement. If the seller won’t provide the home warranty, you can still purchase this valuable protection yourself.

  • The comfort of having protection. As with any home, there can be many expenses to cover. You can rest easier knowing that you have budget protection for covered repairs to your home systems and appliances.

  • The convenience of reliable, 24-7 service. Instead of calling different companies for estimates and repairs, just call HSA. They will arrange for a diagnosis from a qualified, licensed service provider.

  • HSA's Service Guarantee. If HSA is unable to provide you with a qualified service provider, they will approve an out-of-network provider to ensure that you receive convenient and prompt service.

Benefits for Sellers

As a seller, you can purchase an HSA Home Warranty to protect the equity investment in your home. By purchasing a warranty during your home's listing period, you can help cover common out-of-pocket expenses that sellers often face due to mechanical failures.

  • Coverage during your listing period. If you unexpectedly need to repair or replace one of your covered appliances or system components while your home is on the market, you can rely on HSA for help to solve the problem. This way, you can continue to focus on selling your home.

  • A powerful marketing tool. An HSA Home Warranty is an added incentive that can set your listing apart from the rest.

  • Prevention of post-sale disputes. If any covered system components or appliances break down after the sale of your home, the buyer can turn to HSA.

Certain items and events are not covered through the HSA Home Warranty. For specific coverages and exclusions, refer to your service agreement or warranty, or contact HSA Home Warranty directly.

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If you are buying or selling a home and working with a Howard Hanna sales associate, ask your agent about HSA Home Warranty.
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