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Nick Mosites

George Mosites
Collier Office, PA
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Collier, PA 15017
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Thank you for viewing my Howard Hanna agent profile.

I am a full service real estate agent in the Southwest Allegheny County area. I also service a larger area around Pittsburgh to accommodate my client's specific needs. As a full service agent I focus on all aspects of buying, selling, property investment and rentals. My expertise and knowledge mixed with the tools, resources and market share of Howard Hanna is a powerful combination designed to provide the best services available.

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For Sale By Owner?

You may be here because you are considering selling your home yourself, or you have tried and it is not what you had expected.  Either way, I'd like to provide you with some information that may help.  If you are considering selling your home and a friend or family member is interested in buying, FSBO can be the right choice.  If you do not have a qualified buyer ready to buy, you may want to consider other options.


Selling real estate is not easy.  Some websites will make it sound like a simple process of putting your home on a website and buyers will be knocking down your door.  The actual process is more realistically this:

1. Find a site, or several to list your home. Some are free, most cost over 500 to get your home on the MLS.

2.  Research local sales and listings to price your home correctly.

3. Take pictures, or hire a photographer and write compelling descriptions to capture buyers attention.

4. Advertise and get your home in front of potential buyers. 

5. Answer the phone.  Calls, text and emails will come in regularly and sometimes at odd hours.  The majority of these will be from agents that want to list your home, curious neighbors and drive-bys that just want to know the price.

6. Show your home.  You will need to be able to take potential buyers through your home at times that work with their schedule.

7.  Complete seller disclosures and provide them to buyers at their request.

8. Negotiate with buyers, or their agent.  Buyer's agents will usually charge 3% and the buyer will expect you to pay this.  Yes, you are paying a real estate agent to argue and negotiate against you.

9.  Accept an offer with a qualified buyer.  If you are not priced correctly, this can take months of showing, negotiating and price adjustment.  If they do not qualify you'll need to start showing the home again.

10. Schedule home, pest and radon inspections if requested by the buyer.

11.  Renegotiate with the buyer after the inspections.  They will find something, it's their job.

12.  Schedule the appraisal.  If it under-appraises, plan to renegotiate.

13.  Schedule and pay a plumber to complete a dye test and camera inspection of the sewer.  This is regularly required by municipalities.

14. Schedule a closing.  Buyer's choose closing companies and everyone in the room will be working for them and mostly paid by you.

15. Move and close.


So you are somewhere in the middle of this process and you are tired of it.  The problem is you have already invested time and money and you do not want to lose more of your net to a real estate agent.  Here is how it may turn out.

You spend 1000 dollars listing your home, then you pay 3% to a buyers agent.  The entire process took a tremendous amount of your time.  The buyers, who know you are a FSBO, offer you substantially less then they would have offered a listed home.  They know you are not paying a listing agent so they want to see that discount.  At the end of the entire process, it could cost you double what it would have to list with an agent, and you did all of the work.  If you do a quick search online for home sale averages between FSBO and standard listings in your area you will quickly see the difference.


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