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Robert H. Bixler
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My goal is to respond to every e-mail and phone call just as soon as received and I have an answer.  Obviously I do not spend all day watching my in box, but modern technology gives me a beep in my pocket when an e-mail arrives.  I am a Penn State graduate with a degree in Civil Engineering.  I worked for Michael Baker Jr., Consulting Engineers for 30 + years and Honeywell Corporation for 10+ years with a short period in the U S Army. I have been selling real estate since 2003.  I am well aware that this is not the typical background of someone in Real Estate.  If you are looking for a fast talking salesman that knows the answer to everything  if they real know the answer or not, I may not be your first choice. like Friday on Drag Net, if your memory goes back that far I believe in sticking to "the facts".

I recognize that be it the sale of your property or the purchase of a new property for you these are very significant decisions and it is not my style to push you to take action without thought,, that being said I will remind you that "dragging your feet' may cost you the choice of a home or the missing of a buyer.  I will want to tell you that the advantages that I have found that the Howard Hanna Company provides to their clients far exceed anything that I have seen in this business.

When listing your house with me I will go over with you what I call your competition, that is other similar properties in your area that are currently on the market.  I will also show you what I consider history and that is to look at similar homes in your area that have sold, we may have to go back as much as 2 years to find a representative sample.  The sold price is a better indicator of the market then the list as many people do not want to accept the fact that their home will only sell for what a buyer will pay.  How much they owe or how much work they put into it may not change the value the buyer puts on it.

I believe that is the engineer in me, we can not sell emotion only the value in the mind of the buyer. Blackhawk Schools Beaver Area Schools Big Beaver Falls Schools Central Valley Schools Community College of Beaver County Penn State Beaver Geneva College

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