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Randy Wilkinson

I live here and you should too!

Buying or selling your home is probably the largest financial transaction you will make in your life. My goal is to use my 30+ years in sales and management, and my negotiating experience to make this process a convenient, stress-free, satisfying and successful experience.
Each home purchase or sale is a unique experience, which requires diligent and knowledgeable guidance to navigate the maze of paperwork, potential pitfalls, and emotions resulting in a successful closing.
Please see my Buyers and Sellers tabs for specific actions to support our goal-to purchase or sell your home.
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First Time Buyers
New Construction

My objective is to produce the most potential buyers and from that pool to find a qualified buyer to purchase your house at the highest price in the shortest amount of time per the best terms available to you.
These are the steps I will take to accomplish this task:
1.     A comprehensive market analysis to determine your house’s market value.
2.     A comprehensive marketing plan using the following:
a.     Howard Hanna Hotlist-All of our Sales Associates will be alerted that your home has appeared on the market within 24 hours of listing.
b.     Personal Property URL-Your home’s personal webpage will be created.
c.     Hanna HomeFinder-All buyers whose search criteria match your home will be alerted that it is available.
d.     Enhanced Profile on descriptions and a personalized voiceover will be added to your listing to make it stand out.
e.     E-Marketing-Your home’s presence on our website provides many ways for buyers to search for your home and for us to contact them.
f.      Syndication on the Internet-The most powerful websites will pick up your listing, increasing its exposure to buyers, including such sites as,, and many more.
g.     Sign Installation-Our sign sells your house 24 hours a day.
h.     Print Flier-A printed flier will be created for interested buyers.
i.       Postcards and E-Cards-We alert local residents and interested prospects that your house is available for sale.
j.       Open Houses-Open houses will be planned to expose your home to the maximum number of interested buyers.
k.     TV Showcase of Homes-Your home will appear on our TV show, which is also available for viewing anytime on our website.
l.       Print Advertising-An advertising plan tailored to your home will be created.
3.     An array of exclusive Howard Hanna buyer advantages will be used to further increase the pool of potential buyers. (See Buyers tab.)
4.    Regular communications via Sellers Activity Report will be generated every two weeks as well as telephone and email updates.

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