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Suzanne Wilson

Suzanne M. Wilson
Cleveland Heights/University Circle Office, OH
12435 Cedar Rd.
Cleveland Heights, OH 44106
(216) 721-1210




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Northeast Ohio is a well-kept secret, just waiting to be discovered.  The area offers an unsurpassed quality of life.  That is why I would like to serve as your neighborhood ambassador.  I believe it is important to be passionate about the area in which you live and work.  As a native Clevelander, I possess the insight that will help you to find not just a house, but a home.


Whether you are buying or selling your home, I care enough to provide you with quality service including: accurate information, clear and concise communication, dedication and hard work.  These are the keys that will make your transition as flawless as possible. 


In addition to my commitment to you, as a member of the Howard Hanna team, I am proud to offer you one stop shopping.  This distinctive service was established by this unique family owned and operated business, which is dedicated to providing you the best service and quality for your real estate transactions, mortgage, insurance, title and escrow through Barrister’s of Ohio.


The statistics show that in the last two years more than 81,000 homes were bought and sold in the Northeast Ohio by the Howard Hanna team.  This demonstrates our dedication, and commitment to success in promoting the region we are proud to represent.


What's In, What's Out with Home Buyers

by Mark Nash



1.      Fixer-upper homes. With larger down payments required by mortgage lenders and consumer credit cards mixed out, home buyers want a home in move-in condition. The DYI days are on the wane as buyers want to inherit new kitchens and bathrooms.


2.      Foreclosure fluff. The foreclosure rate nationally in 2008 was just under 3 percent. In the Great Depression it was just over forty-percent.


3.      Home buyers endless "circling" prospective short-list properties. Overly optimistic thinking by buyers to circle a preferred property indefinitely, often for months, waiting for further price reductions or to wear out long weary sellers. This practice has backfired for buyers who practice this style of pre-negotiating. They often loose their short-list dream home and frustrate savvy price-right sellers. Ditto the bottom-feeder buyers.


4.      Real estate agents that started career in the boom. It was easy for any new real estate agent to have instant clients during the boom years. After all, they thought the business was about order (contracts) taking. Now they've realized they didn't build a long-term client base during the boom or acquire knowledge about servicing client’s needs in a not-so-easy market.


5.      Home staging. A recently over-used low cost marketing band-aid for vacant or occupied homes with longer than normal market times. Buyers have said enough of the non-professional usage of assorted leftover props placed around a for-sale home to make it supposedly homey. Buyers say, market it as it is and clear out the tired silk flowers and stale potpourri.


6.      Indoor-outdoor carpet. The staples of quick-fix home sellers for basements, balconies, screened porches and lanai’s, buyers have said enough. Many have told agents that inexpensive indoor-outdoor carpet is visual pollution and often masks flaws in a home.


7.      Track lighting. Thought of by homeowners to be a quick way to get an art gallery look, many prospective buyers usually take them out and discount their appeal. As one Gen-X home buyer said to me "Why do sellers install them up when they don't really have any interesting artwork or architectural features to spotlight? They bring undue attention to nothing."


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