Joseph Bridges

Canton Office, OH
4758 Dressler Road
Canton, OH 44718
(330) 493-6555


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Joseph Bridges, originally licensed in 1997, has joined Howard Hanna Real Estate Services. He will meet the needs of sellers and buyers as a sales associate, working out of the Canton, OH Office.

Prior to returning to real estate, Joe was a professor at Malone University, chairing the department of Communication Arts for six years. He resides in Hartville, OH with his wife, Charlyn, also a full time Realtor with Howard Hanna.

Joe has a distinguished career in higher education. Now you can "hire" education skills for your real estate needs. He can make your dream of getting your home sold or finding your new home a reality.

Joe can be reached at 330-409-4720 or email him at The office number is 330-493-6555. The office is located at 4455 Dressler Rd. Ste 201, Canton, OH 44718.

Let him tell you about the special offers for Apartment Transition Buyers and other programs offered by Howard Hanna Real Estate Services.


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