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Denise Angelone

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Mayfield Village Office, OH
6501 Wilson Mills Road
Mayfield Village, OH 44143
(440) 461-0100

Searching for your dream home?

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Your transaction will be consummated with the highest degree of service.

Your best interest is first and foremost with your sale or listing.

Your calls and questions will be answered personally and timely.

You will be advised of updates with each and every step.

Our synergetic partnership will include patience, perserverance and a successful transaction.

Don't wait for buyer purchasing power to be effected by the up tick of the rates.  If you will become a buyer yourself, buy before the rate increase reduces YOUR purchasing power.  If you are thinking of selling, list before the buyers are put out of a purchase due to the up tick in the rates which can lower their affordability. 

Check out my testimonials in the Reviews Tab  to read more about my services form past clients:

Denise is the perfect combination of Professionalism & Friendliness.  We felt so confident and comfortable with her.  She is a credit......

Josephine M.


Denise went above and beyond what I would expect during the listing period of my home as well as the purchase of my next home. She is knowledgable, detail oriented and conscientios! 

Sharon D.


........................................You were right there for us whenever we had a question or a concern.  You helped narrow down a huge amount of homes by researching up front to eliminate needless trips to view those in person.  You really made Liz and I feel ....We LOVE our new home!!!  Thank You.

Tim and Liz B.




..................... The knowledge you have in the real estate business is remarkable. The amount of time you spent with recommendations .................. With all your hard work and expertise we were able to ............. The buyers agent even mentioned to me how lucky we ...............


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Want to improve your Credit Score?  As buyers we often consider actions that may help or hurt our credit scores.  Here is information that will help you understand what hurts and what helps your credit score:

Improve Your Credit Score Before You Apply for a Mortgage Loan
Common errors you make can drive down your credit score
When you are shopping for a home loan, you will probably want to get pre-approved. How you handle your current credit is crucial. If you don’t know what can hurt your score, you could make the wrong move.
Lenders are very interested in the ratio of your current balance to the available limit. They like to see that you can handle credit, but that you also won’t give in to temptation and use all your available credit.
For this reason, don’t consolidate all your cards onto one card. This will most likely change your ratio for the worse.  Let’s look at an example.
Say you have the following cards:
Credit card #1: balance $5,000/limit $10,000. Ratio 50%.
Credit card #2: balance $1,500/limit $7,500. Ratio 20%.
Credit card #3: balance $3000/limit $5000. Ratio $60%.
These are all in a decent range, which helps you have a good credit score. Now let’s say you consolidate, so that you take the total debt of $9,500 and put it on a card with a $12,000 limit card. This would put you up to nearly 80%, which would hurt your score. Even though your debt is the same, the ratio is now very high, which worries lenders.
You should also never request to lower your limit on a credit card. If you do, the ratio will increase, lowering your score.
For instance, if you had $1000 on a credit card with a $5000 limit, you’d have a 20% ratio. This is very good. If you request that they cut the limit to $2000, your ratio would increase to 50%. Even though your debt is the same, it is now a higher percentage of the total limit.
Another mistake people can make is to get rid of a bunch of older credit cards. They worry that lenders might not like that they have so many cards. The problem is that lenders like to see that you have a long track record with your creditors.
Lenders want to know that you can handle debt on a long-term basis because they are considering loaning you a large sum of money for 30 years. If you cancel your old cards, your score will go down. If you want to get rid of cards, start with the more recent ones.
It is also a bad idea to close an account which has a balance. If you have $20 on a card with an available limit of $0, that maxes out the card and drives your score down.
On the other hand, if you raise your limit you can lower your overall ratio and improve your score. The trick here is to have discipline and make sure that you don’t use the extra funds you now have available.
These tricks and tips might seem counter-intuitive until you understand the logic of the credit-scoring system. Following these guidelines can help raise your score and qualify you for a good mortgage loan.





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