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Stanley Stepak

Northeast Ohio's Full Service Agent

Stanley S. Stepak
Avon Office, OH
2100 Center Rd.
Avon, OH 44011
(440) 934-0966

It’s all about you!

As a real estate professional, I understand the importance of working with an agent who will have your best interests at heart. That is why I believe in customer service above all else – believing that every individual deserves my full commitment and loyalty. Your home choice comes from you’re heart. I will listen to your needs and interests and help point you in the right direction.  Whether you are a seasoned veteran or in the market for your first home, the qualities that determine which home is right for you is something that only you can decide. My job is to get an understanding of your home needs and then present you with appropriate options the moment they appear on the market.
Looking for a home? Take some time to browse the listings through the search engine available here on my website.  Take some notes on what may be interesting to you.  Once you have some ideas on what looks interesting to you give me a call. Don’t be afraid to ask more about recent home sale prices in area I can provide you with the numbers and share why buying a home in this area is so desirable as well a solid investment.  I will provide you with all the information you need to make the right decision for today and your future.

Deciding which home to buy is a complex process. Deciding who is best suited to help you find a home you will love is relatively easy — you're already here!   Check out what other clients have said about working with me under the testimonial tab.


Finally, as a local resident for over 25 years, I know the area and can give you access to information that you can never find on the Internet!  I have seen this town grow into the fine city it has become and plan to continue to be here for reasons I can further share you. Give me a call at 440-476-0234, or send me an e-mail at and let me put my expertise and company to work for you today!

Attention Home Sellers! I offer to you my in depth market analysis and 20 step marketing plan for getting homes SOLD! List your home with me and expect more. I know the only thing that makes me successful with sellers is getting your home SOLD at you’re price expectation.  The following things have helped me be successful and confident with my clients…

  • Bi-weekly market updates
  • Automated showing feedback from the agents and their buyers after they tour your home
  • Communication, Communication, Communication
  • I GUARANTEE you will get the service you expect. Being educated on market trends in Northeast Ohio but especially in the neighborhood in which you live, gives you the best chance of selling your home quickly and for the best price! Email me with at to request a free CMA or Comparative Market Analysis of your area home. This CMA will provide recent “comps” or prices of homes in your neighborhood that have recently sold and for what prices. In addition, the CMA will give you an idea of the number of homes in your area that are also on the market (your competition) and can help determine the best selling price for your property.
  • To request a confidential listing appointment or a list of qualifications and testimonials from our previous clients, please email: or call anytime! (440) 476-0234.

Need more information? Take a moment to click on the Power Marketing tab to get the full picture of what I will do to sell your home.



I am supported by a company that understands the customer’s needs in a dynamic and rapidly changing real estate environment.  This enables me to offer the most powerful real estate services to home buyers and sellers, which includes relocation services, financing, title services, auction services and much more. This “one–stop shopping” approach will simplify your real estate business transaction, as well as provide assistance through every step of the home buying and selling process.



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Northeast Ohio's Favorite Realtor is available 24 hours day / 7 days a week... Why have you not called him today - 440-476-0234 - Avon Lake, OH, Avon, OH and surrounding areas


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Power Marketing

OK you ask what is Power Marketing?  It is simple it is direct, aggressive marketing that focuses on target groups guaranteed to bring motivated buyers.  You see anyone can send out 1000 post cards and hope for the best but if you don't hit that group that contains the buyers that would buy a home like yours, well you are just wasting time and money.
I use seasonal market tactics that fit the time of year effective to certain groups.  I research where people read and look for different price levels at certain times of the year and place 80% of my efforts on those market methods and target groups.  No crap shooting.  I do my homework.  It can be written newspaper media one week and an a particular internet blog or website the next week. I work with a small team that does the research and planning 20 days in advance so when a new listing comes in I know where I am sending the advertising, the networking, and Internet contacts.
I use 21 websites that get your listing and 6 portal networks.   This gets the listing out on the Internet fast and effective to an international and local level.  At the same time several these sites keep hit records so I can see where the viewings are coming from.  I can increase volume of exposure based on what I find.  Again no crap shooting, target marketing.  Compare this to my competition who are using 2,3, 6-12 sites and nothing more.
I only work 5 listings at a time.  Why I do this?  Simply because this is work.  I don't hang signs out and hope one of my listings sells.  I know my competition does that. They play a number game of collecting as many listings as they can knowing that something will just sell by the sure luck of numbers.  To me that is a waste of your time and mine. I put your house on the market, sell it and move on to the next home. By doing only 5 homes or less at a time, I maintain a 54 day sell average for higher competitive markets. Before I place your home on the market I will talk to you in full detail as to what is going to take to sell your home. I will share the research, marketing methods, and tell you what we need to do to your home to make it sell.  If we can't get it to work then I may tell you to wait.  Yes, I do turn people down.  If your home is not ready to sell, you are not in the position to sell, or you are simply just curious if your house can sell, I can't help you. Selling a home can be stressful on you.  You don't need it and I know I don't if you’re not in the right position to sell. Together we will make your home sell but it is only together that we stand… Where have I heard that before?      
I network with corportations and companies that have the clients for your home. Cleveland Clinic, American Greetings, Ford, to name few. They have relocations and connections that are looking for that home. This is especially important for the Luxury level homes that require a special group of buyers.

Strong Internet Markeing. Does your home for sale have a strong internet presence? Statistics show that almost 90% of home buyers begin their search on line. I have experience in using the trigger vocabulary, marketing the strong attention points of your home and using great photography of your home that will bring that buyer to you.

Call me today!! and let me go over in detail what I will do to sell your home. You may be surprised besides being educated. Selling your home is serious business. Don’t be swayed by radio and newspaper talk. Call me and see what this is all about. I will help you sell that home. My power marketing works and it can work for you. 440-476-0234
Stanley S Stepak Jr.

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