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Geneva Ervin

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Solon Office, OH
6240 SOM Center Rd., Suite 100
Solon, OH 44139
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"Making Your Dreams Come True"

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Whether your Real Estate needs are buying, selling, building &/or relocating, my website is full of information for you.

Feel free to review this information but don't delay, contact me so I can tell you more about how I can help.

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This is just as beneficial for sellers as it is for buyers

I will utilize the latest technologies, market research and business strategies to exceed your expectations.

I am ready to help you with all your real estate needs, and I appreciate the opportunity to earn your business and the right to be your professional realtor of choice.


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When purchasing a home I'll help you find one that meets your needs and complements your lifestyle. Finding a home is more than the color of the walls or the carpeting on the floors. It's about how you feel when you walk through the front door and the way you can envision your life unfolding there. Finding a home is emotional, it's about your life and your dreams.

Steps to buying your home

  • Get preapproved. Being preapproved means you know your buying power and if any conditions are needed to accompany your offer. In many markets preapproved buyers are preferred by sellers, sellers have added security knowing a lender is willing to do business with you, and unexpected obstacles due to financing are minimal.
  • Define your needs. Define what kind of home and neighborhood would best suit your lifestyle. Make a wish list of desires and needs noting whats negotiable and non-negotiable.
  • Finding a home. Now the house hunting begins. You and I will view properties using your wish list until finding your home.
  • Making an offer/Negotiating a deal. You've found your home and it's time to make an offer. I will help you in determining an offer price, closing costs, move-in date, repairs, home warranty and other conditions as needed. The buyer and the seller control the decisions, the real estate agents control the process. When making an offer keep in mind your negotiating. It's not a winner take all deal. It is a business process that involves compromise and respect. Good negotiating results in a binding agreement.
  • The closing. The offer has become a binding agreement. Dates are crutial, deadlines must be met. At this time the buyer typically  will: conduct a home inspection, get an appraisal, finalize financing(loan commitment), secure title insurance, obtain occupancy permit and taking a final walk through of the home. Once all conditions of the purchase agreement and any addendums/amendments have been met the title company will prepare for the closing.
  • Your home. Congratulations. Your dream has come true. Home ownership has legally transferred  from the seller to the buyer.




When selling your home my goal is to help you acheive your goal in the shortest possible time with the least inconvenience possible.

  • Define your needs. Determine the reason(s) for selling your home. Could be the need for a larger home, a smaller home, divorce, relocation, pre-foreclosure, marriage, etc... Also to determine a time frame and an estimated profit margin the seller would like to see.
  • Name your price. Determining the best possible selling price for your home. Setting a fair asking price from the beginning will generate the most activity from other real estate agents and buyers. You need to take into account the condition of your home, sale of  comparable homes in your neighborhood and the state of the overall market in your area. Setting the asking price of your home to high results in leery buyers and frustrated sellers.
  • Action, lights, camera. Your home is on stage. Your home should be in showroom condition. Make those major/minor repairs. Declutter. Avoid piles of bags, boxes in corners. Put yourself in the buyers shoes.
  • Marketing your home. Now that your ready I will utilize the latest technologies, market research and business strategies to market your home. My goal is to exceed your expectations.
  • Getting an offer. We will review the offer thoroughly understanding what is required of both parties to execute the transaction. You will have three options from there; accept the offer as is, counter the offer or reject the offer. Negotiate to sell. Many offers will require some negotiating to come up with a win-win agreement.
  • Close the deal. Once the offer is accepted the seller and buyer have specific tasks that must be completed in a timely matter. An accepted offer does not mean a closed deal. All conditions of the contract must be met by the seller and buyer to proceed to closing. The buyer(s) and seller(s) control the decisions of the deal, the agents control the process. Negotiating is not a winner take all deal. It is a business process that involves compromise and respect. Once all conditions have been met the sellers and buyers will meet with the title company for the closing. The sellers will turn over keys &/or controls for the new buyers home.


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