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Denise Derbyshire

Mega Million Dollar Producer welcoming the opportunity to work for YOU!

Denise K. Derbyshire

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Serving All Your Real Estate Needs
No Pressure – Just Results

Life demands a lot OF you – I’ll take care of the real estate FOR you!

If you areSelling your home:

  • I will guide you through the home selling process and communicate frequently to keep you informed
  • I will design a pro-active results oriented marketing plan specific to your home based on my extensive advertising, marketing and business ownership experience
  • I will actively network, promote and expose your home to the largest multi-generational audience through various print and web based mediums
  • I will sell not only the features of your home but the benefits of buying your home
  • I will negotiate on your behalf to get you the most market value for your home

If you areBuying a home:

  • I will provide you with my extensive Homebuyer Guide and explain the entire home buying process
  • I will listen and discuss your specific needs and search diligently to find the right home for you and your family
  • I will connect you with competent persons that support a transaction and are involved in the buying process
  • I will treat you as though you are part of my own family

The Value I bring to you when working with me:

  • I am trustworthy, knowledgeable, dedicated, enthusiastic and a problem solver
  • I am a full time real estate agent with grown children so my time is devoted to you
  • I am an active member of NAR, CABOR and OAR
  • I am Epro certified essential to being internet savvy in today’s internet focused world
  • I am RSS certified enabling those relocating an exciting change rather than a fearful change
  • As a 30+ year resident of the Chagrin Valley, I have extensive knowledge of the communities and affiliations with numerous people through community events, volunteerism, schools, business, social and sporting activities
  • I am committed to Professional Excellence!

Real Estate is my passion.  Simply put, I love what I do.  When I’m not knee deep in real estate, I enjoy my family, tennis, sewing and my community.  Whether you’re a buyer, seller or investor, my experience is here to help YOU.  With more than 30 years of combined experience in advertising, marketing and knowledge of the area real estate market, I’ll negotiate the best price and work diligently to make your transaction smooth so you can live your best life hassle free


Call me today at 216-272-3016 to have all your questions answered

Enjoy your life and give the busy to me!


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3 Facts Every For Sale By Owner Should Know



Fact #1  Real estate brokerage has been part of our society, and sellers have been paying full brokerage commissions for over 200 years.  Would you agree that nothing lasts that long in our society unless there is a real VALUE there?

Fact #2  7 out of 10 owners end up having to choose a broker to help them sell, or having to change their plans, sometimes when it is too late to save them from costs they could have avoided.  Would you be curious why?

Fact #3  As a licensed Realtor, I can generally sell a house for more money than a private owner can; and I can generally sell it in less time.  Would you be curious to know how?



Six Obvious Reasons How and Why these Three Facts are True



Reason #1  Serious Buyers Only Shop For Sale By Owners to Save a Commission

Reason #2  The Law of Supply and Demand

                  If it takes 50 Realtors with 10 Prospects each 30 days to get Sellers their money...How much TIME will it take for The For Sale by Owner?

Reason #3  Difficulty separating Lookers from Buyers?  Do You Know Who is QUALIFIED and Who is NOT?

Reason #4  The Longer it takes to sell, the more MONEY that could be LOST!

                  Rates might go up $...

                  New home may cost more $...

                  Your home may be worth less $...

                  Lose speculation time $....

                  Vacant monthly maintenance $...  (insurance higher for vacant home)

                       Double House payment $...

                  Discount points might go up $...

                  Lost in the Shuffle - longer market time leads to perception Something Is Wrong With the Home! $...

                  Repair and lose money $...

Reason #5  Marketing Services - Greater Exposure = More Prospects = More Value!

Reason #6  Advantages of Third Party Marketing - Third Party Negotiating Saves Time and Money!

                  Trained Negotiator

                  Not Emotionally Involved

                  Avoid Pitfalls

                  Understands Needs of Both Parties


8 Important ConsiderationsWhen Planning to Sell Your Home Yourself  


1.  Improving Your Home in Order for it to Sell!

2.  Pricing Your Home in Accordance with Present Market Conditions!

3.  Advertising Your Home - finance and create copy, placing effective ads to reach mass market of buyers!

4.  Showing Your Home - Do you have the time, will you not take comments personally!

5.  Qualifing Buyers

6.  Negotiating

7.  Closing Knowledge

8.  Protection and Warranties



I am trained and skilled in all aspects of selling homes.  I sell Real Estate Full time, all the time. 

Let me navigate the process for you and you attend to your day to day responsiblities.



Call me today at 216-272-3016 

 I will show you my Pro Active Marketing Plan designed to Get Your Home Sold!

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