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Charlyn Bridges

Your Specialist In Older Homes!

I love older homes, don't you?



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My Sales Experience:

  • Platinum Customer Service Training
  • President's Sales Club - 2014
  • Howard Hanna Champions Club - 2013-4
  • Golden Q Quality Service Award
  • Certified Historic Home Specialist
    - Belmont Architectural Heritage Center
  • Certified New Home Specialist
  • Member of The National Trust for Historic Preservation
  • Graduate Realtor Institute (GRI)
  • Multi-Million Dollar Producer
  • Graduate Malone College Real Estate Licensing Program
  • Rookie of the Year - 1995
  • Legislative Affairs Committee - Stark County Association of Realtors®
  • Community Outreach Committee - Stark County Association of Realtors®
  • Board of Directors- 20089-2012 - Stark County Association of Realtors®
  • Chair - Realtor Political Action Committee 2011, 2006, 2007

My Educational Background and Community Involvement:

  • B.S. in Journalism University of Southern Mississippi
  • M.A. in Communications Wheaton College
  • Vestry Member and Choir, New Life Episcopal Church
  • Stephen Minister, New Life Episcopal Church
  • Faculty Advisor for both Yearbook and Newspaper, Malone College -1992-96
  • Guest Lecturer in Public Relations, Daystar University, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Historic and Preservation Committee - Congress Lake
  • Founding Member: Equestrian Committee - Congress Lake

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Charlyn Bridges (Realty One Real Living): Real Estate Agent in Canton, Stark County, Ohio


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National Trust Member Profile - Charlyn Bridges

We first met Charlyn when she wrote in to the Membership Office to request some additional copies of our historic notecards.  She sounded so interesting, we picked up the phone and gave her a call to find out how she combines her love of preservation and her career in real estate with Howard Hanna (Formerly Realty One) in Canton, Ohio.  Charlyn is a relatively new Member of the Trust, joining in 2002.  While she may be new, Charlyn is a loyal supporter.  In fact, every time she sells a home 50 years old or older, she gives the buyers a gift membership in the National Trust.  What a great idea!

How did you come to combine your love of old houses and real estate?

When I left teaching to enter real estate, I said in my initial interview with Realty One(now Howard Hanna), "If I'm going to leave teaching to enter real estate, I want to specialize in older homes."

"Good!" my manager replied. "Nobody else is doing that!"

In the years that followed, I found out exactly what she meant. "NOBODY ELSE IS DOING THAT!"  

Was there much help for you as someone specializing in older homes when you were starting out?

I value architectural integrity and wanted to know more than I had already learned in my real estate training, but it was hard finding the resources. I searched everywhere.  I contacted real estate boards all over the country who I thought would be in the historic home business and who might offer a credential for Realtors®: New England, New Orleans, Virginia, Savannah, the Carolinas...nothing! One place had considered it but had nothing in place.

Finally, a friend who had been part of a creative skunkworks I started with a handful of preservationists and other interested parties, found an article in the Wall Street Journal about the National Trust/ERA Realty Training course and called me. "Here it is, Charlyn,” she jubilantly announced.

Why was it so important to you to get that extra training?

Partly as a commitment to the older neighborhoods. In my ad now I say, "I love older homes, don't you?" (And I love working with people who appreciate them.) I find when I'm working with people who really love older homes, we are able to communicate in a certain type of shorthand. It's almost like talking to somebody who goes to your church. You can assume a system of shared values.

Was the course helpful?

Yes. I was on the edge of my seat for the whole course.  When our lecturer said he would let us go 30 minute early to get ahead of the rush hour traffic, I wanted to stand on my chair and protest: "No! I've been wanting this course for years and I want to sop up every bit of information I possibly can. I'll stay here longer and worry about the traffic later.  I can’t wait to find out when the next course is offered. There is so much information and the initial class was so well structured, I can hardly wait for the next step.

It just so happened that the course I took happened at the same time that the National Trust was hosting its Annual Conference in Cleveland.  I decided to stay and learn more about historic preservation in general. At first, I was shy to see all these people and felt like a fish out of water. Then a conference delegate -- an architect from Washington state -- started talking with me and I felt welcomed and just jumped into the agenda. I particularly appreciate the impact that older neighborhoods are having on new construction. I came racing back to our office to let our new construction guru know what was going on and she brought me up to date on construction in Northeast Ohio that is addressing the issue of land conservancy and older neighborhood models.

How has the class help you provide better service to your clients, colleagues?

Mostly the course gave me confidence in architectural styles.  It has also inspired me to keep looking for programs that will help buyers of older homes. When Wells Fargo came up with a Renovation Loan program, our loan officer came looking for me and said, "Charlyn, this is for your buyers who want to restore an older home."  It also helped me think of new ways to incorporate historic preservation into all areas of my business.  For example, I now give a Gift Membership in the National Trust to people who purchase older homes through me.  It’s a great way for me to generate repeat business AND spread the good news about historic preservation.

Tell us about some of the recent homes you’ve sold.

My ‘territory’ includes many historic neighborhoods and several historic districts.  I have sold homes in the Ridgewood, in NW Canton, Ohio, which has more Tudors than any other place in the United States.  The neighborhood used to be called "Banker's Row" because of all the executives who lived there.

I also work with a young doctor who is buying "drug" houses and bringing them back to life. His interest is in selling to single families who want to live there. He is not looking for buyers who want to use them as rentals. He has already doubled property values on one street. I sold a house there a couple of years ago for $35,000. The house he rehabbed and I listed sold for $67,900 - full price offer!

What are people's greatest concerns when looking at historic properties?

Neighborhood, neighborhood, neighborhood.  Are other people keeping their homes up? Is this a safe place for my family? How are the local schools?  That’s why I was so glad to learn that the National Trust is working with preservationists and state government to save our local historic schools.  They can be such an asset to our communities.

People also want to know if the house is structurally sound? We spend a lot of time in basements looking at mechanical systems and floor joists.

Do you think there is a need for more Realtors® to learn about historic properties and the benefits of preservation?

Yes. Realtors® need to be a part of the network of local government, local schools, neighborhood preservation, community loans, National Trust incentives and federal grants. We need to be a resource for our communities.  I myself serve on the Legislative Affairs Committee of the Stark County Board of Realtors® and have made historic legislation a part of that agenda.

Thanks so much, Charlyn.  I can’t let you go without asking about the house you’re standing front of in the picture.  Is it one that you’ve sold?

Yes, it’s a GREAT old house that was originally the dwelling of one of the founders of Congress Lake Club in Hartville. President McKinley was a member and used to visit Congress Lake often. There are 80 homes built around Congress Lake which is now private with a golf course, the Club, Olympic sized pool, equestrian program, tennis courts and all. My husband and I live in one of the more modest dwellings there but still enjoy the Lake, the pool, and the very rural setting.

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