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Danette Westervelt

Danette Delivers Results when You're Building*Buying*Selling Your Home!

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    • Member – National Association of Realtors
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Get Ready to Sell!

STEP ONE: PREPARING THE HOME FOR SALE: This is one of the most important aspects to selling your home. It is also the step that when completed can raise the value of your property. Often as homeowners, we take minor repairs and excess clutter in our homes for granted, while a prospective buyer sees it as an extra expense in buying a home. Sometimes because of these minor repairs, a buyer may choose not to explore the possibility of buying the property, or will not be able to thoroughly inspect the home for purchase because of all the stuff.  The following preparation checklist is tried and true, the more you can accomplish the the better!

Exterior Checklist for Selling Your Home:

  • Make sure the lawn and the shrubs are in good condition.
  • Both driveways and sidewalks are cleared of snow, grass clippings, leaves based on the season.
  • Remove any debris lying around the yard.
  • Scrape and paint any exterior peeling paint on property.
  • Make sure all exterior lighting is operational.
  • Patch concrete and make sure stairs and handrail are secure.
  • Replace any cracked windowpanes.
  • Clean gutters and fasten downspouts.
  • Have roof checked and repaired as needed.

Interior Checklist for Selling Your Home:

  • Patch all cracks in ceiling and wall plaster.
  • Make sure all rooms are freshly painted in a neutral color.
  • Clean and organize all closets throughout the home.
  • Make sure all windows are freshly washed.
  • Position the furniture nicely throughout the home.
  • Remove all excess clutter throughout the home.
  • Have good lighting installed. No burned out light bulbs.
  • Repair any plumbing leaks in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Remove all items from kitchen counter top.
  • Make sure carpet is clean and secure.
  • Replace shower curtains with a fresh curtain in each bathroom.
  • Clean out basement.
  • Clean out garage.
  • Organize the laundry area.
  • Thoroughly clean the home of all smells and odors.

A little time, money, and elbow grease can yield you a quicker and more profitable sale.

STEP TWO: PRICING YOUR HOME: Having a proper price on the home can make the difference as to how quickly the home will sell or if the home will sell. A proper list price is derived from the sale prices of other homes of similar size, style and condition within your specific neighborhood. Just as it is important to not under price your home, it is important to not over price your property either. Staying objective during this step is often difficult for most homeowners, but is important in achieving your goals of a realistic price on your property and being able to sell your property in a timely manner. The reality of a free market is that the market value is what a consumer will pay, not necessarily what a Seller’s ideal price would be. 

STEP THREE: LISTING THE HOME: During this step you will be required to sign the listing contract documents, in order to have your home placed on the market for sale. You will be required to fill out property disclosure statements on the home. Make sure you list anything you are aware of concerning your property when filling out these disclosure papers. To avoid conflict later, it is very important that you describe the corrective measures taken as well.

STEP FOUR: SHOWING THE HOME: Remove all valuable items from the property to be on the safe side. It is encouraged that you not be present while an agent is showing your home to a prospective buyer. Your presence may cause a prospective buyer to get off track in conversations and miss amenities available with your home or make the prospective buyer uncomfortable in openly discussing your property with his or her agent. Inasmuch as having your home shown at different times of the day may be an inconvenience, no one can purchase your property if they can't see it. It is imperative to make your home as accessible as possible. If you are leaving right before the showing, turn on all of the lights in the house outside and inside (even lamps). A brighter home is always more appealing and helps the Buyers and their Agent observe the features of the home w/out having to locate light switches. Most of the time Agents will turn off the lights as they go through each room, we can always leave a note on the show packet asking them to do so.

STEP FIVE: THE OFFER: You have reached the moment for which you have waited. This step will require you to make many decisions. As a seller, you must look at all the terms and conditions in the contract and not just the price. Try to stay objective. It would be nice to receive a full price, cash agreements, however, this is not typical. You will find that you may need to negotiate different aspects of the contract. Ideally I will be there throughout the process to assist you in the negotiations. Make sure that you understand all of the terms of the contract that you accept.

STEP SIX: UNDER AGREEMENT: Based upon the terms of your contract, you may have to allow the home to be accessible for various inspections. The results of these inspections may identify additional conditions not noted in the sales agreement. Depending on the terms of the sales agreement, additional negotiations between you and the buyer may be required to determine who will be responsible for resolution of each condition. This is a time when you will be preparing for your move. This will entail packing, changing your address, and preparing to close on the property.

STEP SEVEN: THE CLOSING: At the closing, you will transfer the ownership of the property to the buyer. Any outstanding debts, including any mortgage you have on the property, will be paid off from the proceeds of the sale. You will be advised as to all steps that you will be required to take, in order to have a successful closing. Don't forget to bring the buyer the keys to his or her new home.

Outlined on this page are some general steps in the selling process and does not mean that you will not encounter variations in the sale of your home. I would love the opportunity to personally assist you through the process of selling your home!

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