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There is an advantage to a real estate buyers and sellers to work with a team of real estate experts as opposed to a single agent.  On  a team, everyone has a specific role.  While the single agent is struggling to keep up with the task lists involved with selling real estate, a team has people and systems in place for a smooth transaction. 

For instance, while an agent that works alone is installing lockboxes, taking photos, inputting them on the internet or showing properties...who is answering the phone when a buyer calls? Who is responding to an internet lead on the listing they took last week?

On THE JENNIFER HERRON-UNDERWOOD TEAM, we have an expert photographer with a wide angle lens to take photos.  We have Buyer Specialists, Stacy Little & Cathy Garlitz, who specialize in working with buyers and are trained, skilled, and available to assist our buyer customers when they contact us.

Another specific role on our team is the Client Care Coordinator, Nina Herron.  Nina's job is to follow up on sales to make sure that all the people behind the scenes like the title company and the lenders are doing everything they are supposed to in order to make the closing process as smooth as possible and to get everyone to the closing table on time.

So when you hire THE JENNIFER HERRON-UNDERWOOD TEAM you get buyers specialists, Stacy & Cathy, a photographer, a client care coordinator, Nina, and Jennifer Herron-Underwood all for the same price as the single agent out there trying to get it all done by themselves.

There are many advantages to working with a real estate team.  Contact us for details on how our team can help you reach your real estate goals.  Call Jennifer Herron-Underwood at 440-371-2862 or email


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