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Senior Platinum Plus Program

This free program benefits both retirement communities and seniors by filling units quickly and easing the sometimes difficult transition seniors make when they decide to move into a retirement home. Learn more about these features below.

Senior Platinum Plus

Benefits of the Senior Platinum Plus Program

For Retirement Communities

  • The Senior Platinum Plus Program provides your potential residents with a menu of benefits that can be tailored for your retirement home to meet their specific needs. You can offer prospective residents Howard Hanna’s powerful home-selling tools and additional benefits including:
    • Cash Rewards* on the senior’s home sale 
    • Services with household goods movers
    • Household organizers
    • Estate auctioneers
    • Network with Hanna Home Pros
    • Access to all of Howard Hanna’s buyer services such as the 100% Money Back Guarantee and more.
  • We’ll speak at lead-generating, free events at your campus, featuring an expert-led discussion of how prospective residents can use the Senior Platinum Plus Program to make a smooth transition into your community.
  • You’ll gain a competitive advantage over similar facilities, drawing a bigger and better pool of prospects to your community.
  • Program participants will join your community with more disposable income to spend on upgrades and events.
  • We do all the work, and you don’t pay a thing!

For Seniors

  • Commission Advantage: This Cash Reward* is for you, our sellers, and is paid at closing.*
  • Senior Platinum Plus Sales Associate: Our senior-specialized sales associates are highly trained professionals who provide guidance throughout the process and understand the special senior needs of the home sale process, marketing, negotiations, and ultimate sale.
  • Hanna Home Pros Partner Advantage: Should you require any help moving, staging or repairing your home, we have preferred partner companies that are committed to us and to our customers.
  • As a customer of Howard Hanna, we also give you access to all of Howard Hanna’s marketing tools including:
    • 100% Money Back Guarantee
    • Showcase of Homes
    • One Stop Shopping
    • And more!

Please Note: If you’re moving into a retirement community that partakes in this program, then to begin utilizing its benefits you must first Advance-Register with our Howard Hanna Relocation & Business Development department.**

* Restrictions apply to Cash Rewards. Not all states allow Cash Rewards. Check with you Howard Hanna Relocation and Business Development contact for more details.

** Seniors must Advance-Register in order to utilize this program. No exceptions apply.

For more information or to register for Senior Platinum Plus, contact:

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