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Relocation Horizons, Inc.

At Relocation Horizons, Inc., we live by the motto, “Quality relocation service is our commitment to you.” At Relocation Horizons, we are determined to provide quality service to ensure an effortless relocation for the company and a smooth transition for the employee and family. We feel the employee must remain focused on the new position, and we are committed to providing the service to help attain that goal.

Relocation Horizons

Benefits of Working With Relocation Horizons, Inc.

Manage Your Relocation Costs

To minimize the time the transferee is in the relocation process, Relocation Horizons, Inc. offers “specialized managed services” within Home Sale, Shipment and Destination Services. We also have an annual service partner review for service levels and competitive pricing on contracts.

Relocation Policy Development or Review

We can develop and/or review a relocation benefit policy, write customized procedures, develop a policy to maximize IRS tax guidelines, develop procedures and reimbursement forms that match your business needs, and produce customized reports for your company.

One Point of Contact with Relocation Managers

We simplify the relocation process for you by providing a relocation manager to act as the single point of contact throughout relocation. The relocation manager assists relocating employees and their families on all their relocation needs (such as online expense reimbursement filing and ACH deposits) and does so 24/7, including after hours, on holidays, and on weekends.

Customized Service Level Agreements

At Relocation Horizons, Inc., we customize service level agreements with the corporation to ensure that the corporation and relocating employees are receiving quality relocation services from us and our service partners.

Worldwide Company Affiliations

We work with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® to provide origin and destination assistance for a single relocation or a large group. We are networked with various companies that provide assistance with temporary living accommodations, individual expense tracking, individual invoicing, tax gross-up assistance, household goods moving management, financial, title, insurance and much more.

Leading Real Estate Companies of the World

Mortgage, Title, and Insurance

Our affiliations with the largest independent mortgage banker and in-house financial and insurance divisions in the area enable us to offer an extensive list of services to both buyers and sellers.

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