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Hanna Gold Advantage Program

With the Hanna Gold Advantage Program, corporations are able to offer their employees, who are moving locally or internationally, essential real estate related rewards and services. We are committed to utilizing our complete range of real estate services and our 50+ years of experience in the relocation business to assist corporations and their employees in the relocation process.

Benefits of the Hanna Gold Advantage Program

Free of Charge Program

The Hanna Gold Advantage program is provided free of cost to both companies and their employees.

Customizable Employee Benefits Package

The Hanna Gold Advantage program’s rewards and benefits can be tailored to suit the specific needs of corporations and their employees.

Employee Relocation Benefits and Rewards

The Hanna Gold Advantage program offers a multitude of employee relocation benefits including, but not limited to: discounts on home sales and purchases, closing cost credit with Howard Hanna Mortgage Services and Barristers Land Abstract, and Howard Hanna Insurance Services.

Advance Registration

If your company has the Hanna Gold Advantage Program, you must advance-register before you begin working with a Howard Hanna sales associate.

If your company would like more information about the Hanna Gold Advantage Program, contact:

PA | VA | WV | NC | MD

Tracey Shellem

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Susan Sadowski

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Lori Beattie

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