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MCK Building Associates, Inc.

MCK Building Associates, Inc.

221 West Division Street
Syracuse, NY  13204

Recognition of the site’s historic integrity has been balanced with the need to preserve its natural beauty and to ensure ease of pedestrian access to the adjacent downtown district of the village. As a result, site features will include paved sidewalks linked to the village sidewalk system, a graded creek walk running the length of the property, indoor parking, and a centrally located green area as a focal point for outdoor gatherings. In addition, the project will utilize the most modern systems for construction, energy conservation, security, and conveniences. The site of the Crown Mill Condominiums was used as an industrial center from 1812 until late in the 20th century. Working from historic photographs, the property’s new owners have designed a multi-building, mixed-use community to closely resemble the appearance and layout of the original mill campus (right). As the project’s historic centerpiece, the four-story Manufacturing Building will be rebuilt along the creek in the footprint of the original structure. Clad in brick over stone foundations, it will feature window patterns, rooflines, and a five-story entry tower that draw heavily from the mill’s original design. Located at the historic site of a woolen mill complex in Marcellus, New York, the Crown Mill Condominiums feature 43 single-level residences and 4,000 square feet of commercial office space arranged into a campus of five buildings modeled after the appearance of the former industrial center.

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