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Rochester Moving & Storage (Rochester)

Rochester Moving & Storage (Rochester)
30 Harrison Terrace
Rochester, NY 14617

Rochester Moving and Storage mission is to provide their customers with stress-free moving services in an affordable, cost-effective manner that satisfy their expectations with accurate estimates and an experienced moving crew able to anticipate and accommodate individual moving needs.

Rochester Moving and Storage was founded by a former real estate broker who saw a need to professionally serve buyers and sellers with affordable moving services. Rochester Moving and Storage's experienced, personable team has a reputation of careful handling of client possessions, and the crew size is aligned with each job to reduce move time up to 50 percent.

Rochester Moving and Storage's clients continually prove their satisfaction with their services. New customers routinely become repeat customers. Much of their business is built on customers' referrals to family and friends. Rochester Moving and Storage's reputation and dedication to moving services are recognized in the real estate market.

Rochester Moving and Storage is New York State Department of Transportation certified #32227 since 1993.

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