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Dryer Vent Wizard of Rochester

Dryer Vent Wizard of Rochester
55 Durand Drive
Rochester, NY 14622

The Mission:
To raise awareness in the community in regards to the benefits of dryer vent repair and cleaning. To help people save money on utilities and reduce the possibility of a dryer fire in their home or place of business.

About The Company:
Dryer Vent Wizard of Rochester opened in June 2015. Scott Koepke moved to franchise ownership with the desire for more control over his future and his family's well-being. Scott's family includes his daughter and son, both of whom keep Scott busy with volleyball, softball, and baseball games and practices. Beyond a more flexible schedule, a love of working with his hands and a passion for helping others made Dryer Vent Wizard the perfect fit. The national company partners with The Children's Burn Foundation and encourages franchisees to do their part in their local community. Scott is proud to be part of a company that encourages education and community involvement, providing people with information and services that may prevent a dryer fire.

“Installer was Easy to Talk With and Explained Multiple Options”
“Awesome! Exceeded My Expectations”
“Constantly Worked, Explaining What He Was Doing & Why”
“Knowledgeable and Professional”
“Dryer Now Dries Clothes in 1/2 the Time”
“Can't Believe the Difference!”
“Very Pleased with Honesty and Workmanship”
“Great Service!”
“Informative, Thorough, and Kind”

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