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Superior Home Renovations (Rochester)

Superior Home Renovations (Rochester)
156 Blue Grass Lane
Rochester, NY 14626

Roofing- Visa gift card on any job over $1000 for $50 Jobs under $500 but under $1000 = $25; Siding- Visa gift card $50 for jobs over $1000, $25 for jobs over $500 but not over $100

Superior Home Renovations is a general contracting company specializing in multiple fields of the construction industry. Their most notable fields include: roofing, remodeling, siding, and concrete. At Superior Home Renovations; their number one goal is to maintain 100% satisfaction with each and every customer they acquire. They are moving forward with their 5th year of business and fell they owe a deep amount of gratitude to their customers for all of their success due to many recommendations. Superior Home Renovations looks forward to adding you to their satisfied group of homeowners.

"We were dealing with a complete re-roof down to the rafters with all the contractors, the decision came down to our personal sense of confidence. We felt a comfort level with Drew Glosser. His age belies his knowledge and experience. There is a strong and admirable work ethic present. He personally was on the job every day. His crew members were professional. They all worked hard; they worked consistently. I have sets of stay-at-home neighbors who watched and 'reported' every day!"

"My roofing job was started and finished when promised. The final cost was as expected by contract. My yard was totally picked up at the end of the job. Even the dumpster driver came to my door to introduce himself mid-project. And, the finished roof looks great"

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