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Vanessa Bailey

Vanessa Bailey
Ann Arbor Office, MI
1898 West Stadium Blvd
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
(734) 761-6600

I adore houses.  I like buying them and selling them, I like everything about them from the inside to the outside and as an agent, I get to explore houses right along with you.  Let’s go shopping!

I am also a long-time landlord, I occasionally flip a small house, I have a very high interest in real estate overall and have an administrative background to go with it.  Organization and task completion are key to getting any big project accomplished.  

Even though I grew up in Michigan, I have been travelling around since high school finished up.  We moved back to SE Michigan in 2016, happily living in Saline these days.  However, I spent the past 25 years on the West coast and still have two houses in Oregon.  Since 1992 I have purchased and worked on 15 houses, eleven have been sold, we currently own four.  

So, I get it.  It’s a handful, there is a lot of paperwork, way too many details, lots of emotion and then, if all goes well, an entire building to deal with!  But home ownership is still worth it, so really - let’s go shopping.

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