Stephanie Thomas


Welcome to my website! I have been a full time Real Estate Agent since 2013. I began my career in the City of Pittsburgh after I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing. Recently my husband and I moved back to Rochester, NY to be closer to family and I am excited to continue my real estate career in this great city.

  • Experience with property sales and rentals, working with both buyers (tenants) and sellers in all price ranges
  • Developed close relationships with lenders and title companies (attorneys) so that I can recommend my clients to trusted professionals
  • Use data to prepare a comparative market analysis to guide sellers in pricing their property
  • Seek out sellers in neighborhoods that I have a prospective buyer interested in, through direct mail
  • Advise clients on market conditions, neighborhood trends, mortgages, pricing and related matters
  • Promote sale of properties through advertisement in the Multiple Listing Service, newspaper, social media, home sale websites, print flyers, word of mouth.
  • Homes are very old in the City of Pittsburgh! I have widespread knowledge of many of the issues that come up in home inspections including – reputable contractors, estimated cost of repairs, etc.
  • I worked largely in the condo/loft market in Pittsburgh and was the Site Coordinator for a new construction condo building in a converted warehouse. I represented the developer and also several of the buyers through the customization of their unit
  • I have experience with multi family homes and also leasing rental units including most recently, a 16-unit apartment building
  • I offer all of my clients the utmost attention throughout the transaction.
    • All of my listings have professional photographs
    • I provide all clients (buyers and sellers) with a due diligence form outlining all dates and deadlines for the transaction within 24 hours of the accepted offer
    • I attend a portion of every home inspection and personally review findings with the inspector
    • I attend every closing to ensure that the transaction flows smoothly all the way to the end

These have been standard practices throughout my real estate career and I look forward to continuing an excellent level of service to my clients!


  • First Time Buyer, Condo/townhouse, Multi-Family, Single Family

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