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Ryan Scott

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Ryan W. Scott
South Hills Office, PA
5235 Clairton Boulevard
Pittsburgh, PA 15236
(412) 882-9100

As a veteran Emergency Medical Technician, Rescue Technician, and Firefighter I am no stranger of providing aid to individuals in need. While rendering life-saving medical treatment and rescuing patients from precarious, often life-threatening situations – attention to detail is critical.

The duties owed to the public from a First Responder bear a striking resemblance to the Fiduciary Duties required from a Real Estate Professional to their Client.

As a Real Estate Professional, my clients can rest assured knowing that their interests are in the best hands possible.

I am a proud 11-year Public Safety veteran born, raised, work, and live in the communities which I serve. This rich history and experience provides an invaluable asset to myself as a Real Estate Professional as well as to my clients. By living and working in my beloved neighborhoods – having been on every street, in every school, and knowing every business - allows me to literally have my fingers on the “pulse” of the community. There are many nuances to every neighborhood, many of which are only discoverable by direct contact. I am your direct contact. My passion lies within the communities and people that I serve!

I strive to create a "client-centric" atmosphere that utilizes continuous communication and incorporates client education every step of the way to keep my clients informed and to ensure that no questions go unanswered.

South Hills area specialist with construction / remodeling knowledge and experience. Investors Always Welcome!


"Whatever it takes..." Always give whatever it takes to get the job done.


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