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The reward for hard work is the opportunity to do more!

Getting started:

Have you ever owned a home? Where do you want to live? What type of home do you want? How much do you want to spend per month? How many bedrooms? How many bathrooms? Square foot desired? Move in ready? Do you need to sell your current home? The answers you provide to the above questions will ensure I accomplish making your dreams come true.


What are your primary & secondary goals? I need to ascertain said major & minor goals to make them materialize. This will be my initial adventure with you. Through our conversation these goals will surface quickly. Once they are clear to both of us I then can start making them a reality.

Exactly what you want:

Flying blind is never a good idea! Just as you prequalify me as your personal real estate agent I need to qualify you as a buyer. Through my buyer presentation I will be gathering exactly what you want for your home. Once we have a mutual understanding of the task at hand I will be able to properly present the best possibilities for your families’ investment.

80% of a home purchase/sale is emotional:

I recommend you have an experienced personal consultant on our side.


I have 17 years in sales experience fighting for you and your dreams to come true. My goal is to buy for you at the lowest possible price while selling for you for the highest price. I want it all! I feel you should have it all too! You deserve to have the best in your buying/selling corner while your home buying & selling puzzle comes together. I believe this huge undertaking should be fun for everyone involved all while making your dreams come true. YOU TOO CAN HAVE IT ALL. When there is a will there is a way.

Are you ready?

Do you have a personal real estate agent on your side? Buying/selling property is a huge puzzle and can’t be done alone nor overnight. It takes knowledge of legal paperwork, time, passion, patience, negotiation skills, experience, understanding and most important a friend on your side that knows how to make it happen. Buying/selling property is a major undertaking so I recommend you do it with your eyes wide open and with patience. I recommend you find your personal consultant now so a relationship is formed to provide ample time to grow and solidify. I am an honest person & will not steer you wrong. Let’s do this together.

One stop shopping available to you:

When I help you find your home I will do my best to maximize all the tools available to me through Howard Hanna’s one stop shopping. This includes Barristers Title, Howard Hanna Mortgage Services, Insurance, Real Estate Services, & a plethora of advertising/marketing. It’s all available for you and your families use through your very own personal real estate consultant - Martina Catlin.

Are you getting married soon?

Ask yourself: Would you rather have a HUGE wedding or get your first/next home? This is a personal question; therefore, rhetorical. BUT… something to consider.


Howard Hanna has an Apartment Dwellers Trade In Program. You might not have to wait until your apartment lease ends. The average home search/loan commitment/appraisal/inspections can take 3-9 months. PLUS… with our apartment dwellers program you could possibly get out of your commitment without paying double payments. Your home payment could be the same or less as your rent. Ask me for further details.


Problems arise daily; however, there is always a workaround. I personally choose to embrace each situation to enhance the end goal. I will find a way to get you what you want & deserve. OOHHH… the positive possibilities are endless and yours for the taking! I enjoy learning while working; if I can’t figure it out right away I/we will find a way to overcome any situation for your family.

Staging help:

I have worked with various interior designers & decorated over 10 homes, I have an eye for any staging help you may need and I enjoy helping others.

Prepare to sell your home to maximize value:

  1. Spring cleaning (even if it’s not spring)
  2. Wash your windows
  3. Declutter/freshen up rooms (details matter)
  4. Prepare for snoopers (secure important items)
  5. Clean up your yard & garage
  6. Give each room a pop of color
  7. Make all beds & no visible dishes
  8. Make your home feel inviting
  9. Clean doors/window sills/trim

10.   Remove unnecessary large items to make rooms appear bigger

11.   Set a calm mood with lighting

12.   Air fresheners or bake a pie (frozen is ok)

13.   Organize laundry area

14.   Organize closets

15.   Have family/friends help if needed

16.   Repair any broken/missing items (ex: drywall/fixtures/locks/dripping faucets)

17.   Kids sign a Howard Hanna kids contract (ask me for details)  

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