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Jane Shami

Karen Eagle Real Estate Group

Jane E. Shami
Pepper Pike Office, OH
3550 Lander Center
Pepper Pike, OH 44124
(216) 831-9310

Jane Shami – REALTOR® - While Karen and Kelsey meet with clients, Jane Shami manages the multitude of required tasks involved in buying and selling a home.  Sharp, reliable and experienced in even the most high-level and sensitive of real estate transactions, Jane ensures that the myriad of pieces and parts move through the sales process in sync and on deadline.

From creating appealing graphics that showcase the beauty of your home to organizing data for Karen and Kelsey to analyze, Jane’s proven ability to track and trace every detail with eagle-eye precision is unparalleled. Knowing these sensitive details are being handled professionally, Karen and Kelsey have the confidence they need to provide the individualized support and service their clients expect.

“From tricky IT issues to extensive research and client reporting, Jane makes sure all the boxes are checked. She is the backbone of this group.” ~Karen Eagle

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