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         “Hospitality is a lifestyle, not just a career choice.” This concept is something that I deeply believe in and was a major part of my decade long career in the hospitality industry, now I am bringing it to real estate. This is not a new belief. It has certainly been said before by greater men than myself. However, it has started to become washed out by an avalanche of new technology in real estate. Yes, the technology is vitally important to the way we do business now, but there must be a balance between the convince it creates and the service that you deserve as a consumer.

     The most hospitable thing that an agent can offer a client in real estate is the hard truth. The thing that no one wants to talk about is often the hardest and most important thing that should be discussed. Agents failing to give this to their clients have cost this industry more than is acceptable in the past 10 years. It is my sincere hope that this never occurs in any transactions you are involved in.

     As a show of faith I would like to offer you some hard truths about myself. I am younger than the average agent in central PA by several years. Real Estate was not my concentration of study in college. I am a relatively new agent and I still rely on my team and broker to help me with some aspects of transactions. I am perfectly comfortable admitting this because I have been to settlement on 4x more houses in my first six months as an agent than most do in their entire first year.
If any of this speaks to you and you are in need of a real estate professional, or even if you just think you may be, I would love to have a conversation with you. Helping people is what gets me going in the morning and even if we are unable to do business we will still be able to do you some good because hospitality is my lifestyle.


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