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Vincent Miceli
Realtor, RCC, CNHS

Genuine Real Estate Advisors

Vincent C. Miceli
Akron Office, OH
2603 West Market Street
Akron, OH 44313
(330) 836-9300

Vincent C. Miceli

Realtor, Certified New Home Specialist, Residential Construction Certified


Vincent has acquired the experience and knowledge necessary to help his clients achieve success real estate. His clients have said that they love how he conducts himself as an educator and advisor as opposed to a salesperson.  Many of them say he has worked tirelessly to come through for them. Real estate transactions always have the potential to become complicated  but his clients were able to stay informed, on task and on time because of his attention to detail and organization.  


He primarily focuses on two areas of expertise:  


New Construction

In the new construction market Vincent represents buyers and their interests when working with homebuilders. Vince says that, “building a home is a huge financial decision.  Many buyers should have someone at the table with them to ensure everyone is conducting business with honesty and integrity.  I want the buyers to make the correct, informed decisions the first time because more often than not, this is their forever home.” He has put in time researching and interviewing area homebuilders.  He has a list of registered builders that have been properly vetted.   He has a detailed builder profile for each of them so buyers can easily select which builders would best fit their needs.  He has a builder for you weather you want a custom design, production home or anything in-between.


Listing Representation

Vince has mastered how to list and successfully sell homes.  In regards to listing your home Vince says, “what we have is a pool of buyers that are comparing all the available homes in a specific price range. In order to get those buyers through your door, we have to do two things: The first thing we do is make sure the home is truly market ready.  A truly market ready home will be at the top of a buyers must-see-list.  When we talk about a truly market ready home were talking about the home’s marketability.  If a home seller wants to get their home ready The other thing we do is price the home properly.  Unfortunately, many homes are priced in a way any people list their homes in a way that cuts their potential buyer pool in half. What we help people do is expand that buyer pool so your home is in front of as many prospects as possible.”


Vincent offers free, no-obligation consultations and is just a call or click away to answer any of your questions.


Support of a Certified New Home Specialist

As a prospective new home buyer, there are many questions to answer, a wide variety of builders and communities to evaluate, a multitude of choices and options to consider. Unfortunately for many, the new home buying process seems so confusing, they simply give up on their dream. That's where the experience and training of a  As a Certified New Home Specialist™ come in. 

We're able to provide the guidance, market information, organizational tools and guidance to help you sort through the confusing issues and take control of the process. We're dedicated to helping you make the very best decisions in building or buying your new home. Together we can make your new home dream come true.

Because every situation is unique, the best plan of action would be to schedule a complimentary consultation, meet one another, talk about your goals, go over the building process and run through some features that you may not have known about.  Once we know exactly what you're looking for, we will know what type of builder would best meet your needs 

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Reasons to Build

There are many reasons for building a new home.  It's been our experience that the majority of people build new because a new home:

  • is designed for your lifestyle
  • is decorated/built to your tastes
  • has the latest technology
  • has high energy efficiency
  • has new home warranties



How We Help

Help through the Decision-Making Process

By helping you understand the six areas of decision-making important to the new home buying process, we can create an action plan to help you organize your time and energy most effectively. At the same time, we'll make sure we cover all the areas critical to making your best choices and decisions.

  1. Needs And Motivations
  2. Timing and Commitment
  3. Location and Homesite
  4. Design and Quality
  5. Builder and Sales Support
  6. Costs and Financing

1. Needs & MotivationsUsing our Design Information Organizer form, you can more easily identify and prioritize the design requirements that best meet your needs. Through this process, it’s also important for you to come to terms with the real motivations that are driving your desire for a new home.

2. Timing & CommitmentWe need to explore your timing relative to the realities of construction, land availability and builders requirements. We also need to identify exactly what has to happen to allow you to make a confident and well-informed commitment to your new home purchase.

3. Location & Home Site- In choosing your new home community, it’s important to explore the impact of various available locations on your lifestyle and your investment. Once the general location is determined, we must then evaluate the available building sites, considering the many factors that will impact your best use of the property. We will provide you with a specialized form to help organize this site evaluation.

4. Design & Quality- This area of decision-making involves analyzing design options and understanding the details related to quality construction. The key to creating the greatest home value is to establish a well thought out balance between the quality/durability elements of materials, attention to detail/quality of workmanship, character of design and quality of service. Some advise we give our clients during the design process are:

  • to organize your design information.
  • to take pictures of what you like.
  • not to be an innovator.
  • to lay out furniture on the plans.


5. Builder & Sales SupportOne of the most important decisions you'll make is choosing your builder. Decision making in this area involves determining what type of builder and what form of sales support is best for your project and your personal preferences. As a new home specialist, I make it my business to know who's who and what's going on in new construction in our area. Once we more clearly identify your needs and interests, we'll zero in on the best builders to consider for your new home.

6. Costs & FinancingAnother important area is establishing a realistic budget and analyzing various financing options. We'll help you understand the options available for construction and permanent financing and assist you through the process of securing any financing you will need.

It's often confusing comparing pricing and allowances from various builders. In this area, we must focus on establishing a realistic budget, understanding pricing, allowances and options, and then structure the best financial package to support the construction and/or purchase of your new home. Using our checklists, We can help you more easily make these comparisons.


Help SellingYour Existing Home

If you have an existing home to sell, we can help you determine its market value, establish the best asking price and provide all the marketing expertise and support you'll need.


Help Finalize Contracts and Paperwork

We can provide guidance and assistance that will help you understand and finalize the paperwork necessary for the purchase and construction of your new home.


Help Organize Selections and Allowances

Some of the most difficult challenges in building a new home involve finalizing selections on time and controlling the costs of allowance items. Using a specially designed flow chart, We can help you organize this area most effectively.


Help Coordinate Move-In and Closing

We'll also assist you when it comes time to coordinate various aspects of taking occupancy of your new home, as well as finalizing the details necessary for closing.

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Market Trends-New Construction

Green Building

Concern for both the environment and increasing energy costs have driven many builders to use green building techniques. Water-saving appliances, insulation that improves R-value, heating efficiency and the use of renewable/recycled building materials are all popular techniques to improve a home’s efficiency. Many home builders allow buyers to include a wide range of green products and give them the opportunity to weigh each cost and benefit to create a home that is stylish, comfortable, but also eco-friendly. 


Open Floor Plans

We’re sure this is one that you’re well aware of. Most families would prefer to trade formal living and dining rooms for larger kitchens that flow into family rooms for easier entertaining and for better interaction with others in your household.



We see home owners like to features that will improve their lifestyle through health, entertainment or comfort. We are seeing more yoga studios and fitness rooms to encourage healthy living.  We have seen game rooms, theaters and even a bowling alley added for entertainment.  We are seeing more money put into unique outdoor living spaces.  

Amenities are also taking a turn to the world of tech. In a world where there’s an app for everything, buyers are beginning to expect a new home to do more and be “smarter.” Nowadays you can control many features in your home using a phone, including energy usage, security systems, lighting and even the music playing in each room.


Multigenerational Living

Builders are seeing an increasing need to tailor homes to this lifestyle. U.S. Census reported that 4.3 out of 76 million households were made up of at least three generations.  Multigenerational families often build homes that include an in-law suite or feature a locked-off living space within the home. These apartment-style spaces can have their own kitchenette, full bathroom and living areas to provide a sense of privacy and independence.


Universal Design

The country is growing older and as many look to retirement, universal design features are becoming more of a priority for many. Universal design features like wider doors, lower countertops and fewer stairs are used to create a home that everyone can enjoy comfortably. A home designed this way will allow owners to age in place, prolonging their ability to stay in the house independently and can also increase value by opening the market to any future buyer, despite age, stature or ability.


There are many things to consider when building a new home.  We offer free, no-obligation consultations and is just a call or click away to answer any of your questions.

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