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I have lived and worked in this area for over 25 years so I can be your neighborhood specialist when you are buying or selling a home. Because we have lived in four states and purchased five homes, I have a personal understanding of the stress and fun moving can be.

With experience in negotiating since being the president of the teachers union several years out of college and throughout my sales career this can be very helpful achieving the best pricing for you.  As a full time realtor I pride myself in the personal relationships I have with many of my clients as they have given me personal referrals.

As a full time Real Estate professional with 30 years of sales and customer service excellence, my guarantee is that your best interests are my priority, as a buyer or a seller. It would be my pleasure to assist you with the purchase of a new home or the sale of your existing home.


                         Voted 5 Star Real Estate Agent for 2010, 2011 and 2012

                                       2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 by Pittsburgh Magazine

                         Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE)

                         Residential Relocation Specialist (RRS)

                         Homes of Distinction Specialist

                         Multi Million Dollar Producer

                         Howard Hanna's Champion's Club

Graduate of:

                        Alan Kells School of Real Estate

                        Howard Hanna Fast Start Program

                        University of Wisconsin with a degree in Home Economics Education

Member of:

                        National Association of Realtors

                        Pennsylvania Assoication of Realtors

                        West Penn Multi List

                        Member of Cranberry Chamber of Commerce

                        Active Member of the Childrens Hospital Free Care Fund 

                        Co-Chairperson for the Childrens Hospital Free Care Fundraiser

Ask me about our exclusive 100% Money Back Guarantee and our Home Warranty program.


I can't wait to speak to you about either assisting you in purchasing a home or helping you market your home for sale!












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Get your Home Ready to Sell in 30 Days

Then Call me to List your Home!

  1. Clean the ceiling fan blades (All of Them!)
  2. Use a damp cloth and wipe down all baseboards.  I have heard that following with a fabric softener helps reduce dust build up in the future.
  3. Clean out the refrigerator!  Be brutal and throw away all those condiments that you can't even remember buying or using! Don't forget to wipe down the outside and dust the top.  If you don't have regular maintenance .... vacuum the coils
  4. Clean out the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen.  Follow by wiping down the doors and pulls
  5. Pressure Wash the drive and walkways.  Clean the siding if necessary, being careful with the wood or painted surfaces to avoid chipping or splintering
  6. Pull weeds from gardens and plant a few colorful flowers near the front door
  7. Repair any nail holes or damage to walls and touch up the paint
  8. Wipe down all door knobs and other hardware and polish if necessary
  9. Clean EVERY window.......Inside and Out.
  10. Clean and organize bathroom cabinets and drawers
  11. Purge the pantry and clean, organize and show potential buyers just how much space is there!
  12. Tackle the "honey do" list and fix all those small repairs.  You know the ones, the loose door pull, the leaning mailbox, the creaky door hinge, etc
  13. Replace burnt out light bulbs and clean the fixtures
  14. As annoying as it is.....clean the grout of the tile floors and any other tiled surface
  15. Clean the microwave and the oven
  16. Take down the curtains and drapes, clean them and decide whether or not they should be re-hung!  Natural light can be a BIG selling point
  17. PURGE and DE-CLUTTER!  If you can't bring yourself to dispose of anything...box it up and store it
  18. Clean and organize the closets.  If you haven't worn it in 2 years, chances are, you will never wear it.  Get rid of it by donating to a great cause in your area.  THEN, organize by length and color and it will look amazing!  Box up your of seasonal shoes and clothing and show those buyers just how "roomy: that closet is!
  19. Dust!  I mean EVERYTHING!  The lamps, picture frames, the ugly artificial plants (maybe they should go to Goodwill) and dust, dust, dust.
  20. Vacuum every inch of every room. Under the beds, the sofa's, behind the bookshelves, the corners of the ceiling, the air vents (change the air filter while you are at it)  EVERY INCH
  21. Clean the garage.  Take everything out (I know this is a big job), sweep, pressure wash the floors, repaint the floor if needed and then organize as you put the items back.  Do you really need the broken leaf blower--you know what I mean.  Just do it.
  22. If you store things in the attic or basement, you will need to clean and purge those areas too!  Yep, buyers will look in your attic and if they choose to buy the home, a home inspector will appreciate clean and easy access.
  23. Clean every sink, tub and toilet and re-caulk if needed
  24. Sweep and clean the patio and deck!  Clean the outdoor furniture.  Add some color to this area (new potted plants or new cushions)
  25. Clean the gutters and the roof. Hire someone if you can't do it.
  26. Wash all of your throw rugs, bedding, pillow covers, blankets, etc.  It will help the home smell and look fresh
  27. Clean the yard!  Remove any fallen limbs and trash. Trim shrubs and branches from the walkway and keep the path around the house clean. Keep the lawn mowed, raked and looking fabulous.   Remember, first impressions are important!
  28. I know you live in the home but try to make it less  "personal".  If you have hundreds of family photos hanging around (I have them too), pack most up.  The doll collection has to be boxed up.  By de-personalizing the home, buyers find it easier to imagine the house with their "stuff" in it
  29. Buy a laundry basket or bin for each family member and place in the laundry room or a closet for everyday pick up.  When your REALTOR calls (that would be ME) to shedule a showing, just grab the basket or bin and run around filing it up with items that need put away.  Then deliver the items to where they belong
  30. On this day, I want you to REST! Call your Realtor ( that's me again!) let me know you want to sell your house and schedule a meeting.  Tell me to bring my camera because the house if READY.     In case you don't have my phone number:   Jane Olson, 724-272-9612.


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