Christopher McCarthy

Most great spaces came from something rather rough but well planned.

Christopher McCarthy
Ontario Office, NY
1450 Route 104
Ontario, NY 14519
(315) 524-2331

Christopher McCarthy primarily works with commercial properties and focuses on specialty retail, resorts, and attractions. Having attended the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry for both his undergraduate and graduate degrees in landscape architecture, his background also includes experience with retail operations and design of cultural attractions. Bring a Realtor that has experience with the design of attractions and themed retail environments whether you need to sell, lease or buy your next location.

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If you have a need for a more creative or inspired commercial space for an entertainment venue such as amusement parks, casinos, theaters or concert halls he brings his experience in design and planning to set your business up for success to be the center of your customer's community.  Whether you are looking for a storefront in a leased space like a regional mall, outlet center or lifestyle center. If your commercial property needs include the acquisition or leasing of specialty retail venues such as showrooms, bars or restaurants as a free-standing property or as part of shopping center consider consulting with Christopher McCarthy.

With a certificate in auctioneering from the Mendenhall School of Auctioneering, Christopher McCarthy is familiar with the accelerated marketing of real estate, which offers an additional option to have your property sold.



Retail and Leisure Property Notes:

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What is important about a retailer's location?

What happens when a location is not available to purchase?

Why would a store lease a location?

Malls, strip malls, and freestanding locations the neighbors make a difference.

Is the answer in your POS or CRM already?

Service VS Merchandise

Retail on ground floor and service to the second?

Logisitics for merchandise and consumables.

Window space for retailers only or services too?


Trade fixtures and who makes the decisions.

Before you paint and paper, check the roof.

Just cut, pull, or remove those wires - bad idea.

Service providers for a location.

Merchandise displays and choosing a space that compliments the needs of customers.


Site selection

Going to be a destination resort or join the tourist destination.

Mountains for a resort, what grade makes a great trail?

Activities for resorts, multi-park resort complexes.

What flag does a resort fly or make your own?

Design & Planning

Get the professional team assembled.

Planning and communication, so simple it's rocket science.

Project managers, who gets to take care  of the peace keeping efforts.

Specialty firms for almost every part of the attraction industry, buildings to average walking speed.

Redevelopment and Reinvention

Abandoned areas or past failures.

Change fast or evolve with the market's changing conditions?

Do the numbers make sense?

No fortunes to tell but a few educated guesses will work.


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