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I sell A LOT of Real Estate,

but my business is helping PEOPLE!! 



I am Reliable - Responsible - Diligent - Honest


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Buyers  - keep reading below:





So many of my clients come to me telling me the horrors of their real estate experience.  There are so many challenges out there today.  Pre Foreclosures, Short Sales, Lender Requirements for loans, Underwriting parameters that are stringent, FHA or VA rules changing daily, Zero-Down Loans, Heroes Programs, Ohfa loans, USDA loans for certain areas.  SO much to know. 


You deserve to work with a Real Estate Professional that knows their stuff.  You also deserve a Realtor that is enthusiastic to be working with you and committed to your goals.  I will be your advocate in every step of the process - conveying your best interests with determination, compassion and attention to detail throughout the entire process.


Whether it's a home you're selling or a home you're buying - I love being involved with your excitement of finding the "right" home or selling your "treasured" home.   

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Kym's How Much is your Home Worth Request

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Also at the end of shopping for a loan - WHY BUY A HOME????  The time is NOW!

Regarding Picking a Realtor:

Buying or Selling a home is such an adventure. Let me travel that exciting and unknown road with you. Through the hills, curves, and detours the trip brings, I will help you every step of the way. If you aren't sure what you want, I can work with you and determine your needs. If you're positive of what you're looking for, I can work on finding it.

We will take the fantastic tools only Howard Hanna Smythe Cramer can provide and use my energy and drive to serve you, THE CUSTOMER. Those forces coupled with your desire for success will make all the difference in your home sale or purchase.

Continuing Education is important in Real Estate due to the ever changing marketplace.  I go to many hours of continuing education for my career  to keep my skills updated and make me more knowledgeable for my clients. This includes special financing, home repairs/septic updates, marketing and staging your home, and more.

Just believe - "The thing that always happens that you really believe in: and the belief in a thing makes it happen."  Frank Lloyd Wright

  • Make you my client for life
  • Build our relationship on trust and confidence
  • Treat you better than my most treasured family member
  • Give you the highest level of comfort that I will do my best job for you
  • Put your needs for real estate ahead of my desires for income or earnings
  • Work your busy schedule into my flexible one - I am a full time Realtor
  • Be open to your ideas or suggestions - call anytime






"Six essential qualities that are the key to success:  Sincerity, personal integrity, humility, courtesy, wisdom, and charity." William Menninger


What everyone does:


What I do along with Howard Hanna tools and my office staff/team:


1.       After carefully analyzing marketing conditions and viewing your home, I will prepare a detailed Market Value Analysis

2.       I will listen to all your input into factors to sell your home

3.       Explain & Complete Listing Agreement with you

4.       Offer you the Howard Hanna Money Back Guarantee

5.       Enter your home into the MLS computer service

6.       Market your home 24 hours a day until it's sold 

7.       Show you how to “stage” your house for the market to show home to its advantage, get you professional service as needed

8.       Give you my cell number for you to call or text me anytime

9.       Communicate with you consistently

10.        Take superior pictures – interior and exterior color-wide angle camera to show off home to its advantages

11.        Respect your ideas and Home

12.        Put your home on the Howard Hanna "Hot list"

13.        Email agents regarding the special amenities of your home

14.        Put your home on over 700 web sites

15.        Make a virtual tour for your home

16.        Install Post Signs that are superior with my number & name

17.        Install Lockbox (unless homeowner prefers not to use one)

18.        Offer your home to be shown on Howard Hanna TV Open

19.        Broker's Opens for area Realtors – getting feedback

20.        Open Houses determined by seller/realtor discussions

21.        Feedback upon showings with comments & suggestions (if available)

22.        If Buyers have interest in home – work with buyer or realtor to overcome objections and get offer

23.        Custom Property Brochures in color in home

24.        Complete Home Facts showing Ages of Systems in home

25.        Color Map from County with boundaries of property in home

26.        Info Box out front of home in some areas/owner request

27.        Advertising in print media

28.        Email buyers your home information

29.        Send target mailings on your home to area

30.        Utilize Howard Hanna relocation to attract buyers

31.        Offer Christies High End marketing if applicable

32.        Offer - in house - one stop shopping for mortgage, insurance, escrow, survey, home warranty & title work for clients

33.        Have Lenders available to qualify your buyers

34.        Determine what communication suits you - text messaging - email - or phone for communication between Realtor & Clients

35.        Be your "source of sources" for any staging, inspections, contractors needed to sell the home

36.        Explain process from listing to closing - never ignoring your concerns

37.        Appointments made using Centralized Showing Service for buyers 

38.        Offer you top tips for selling your home & checklist

39.        Give you a booklet as resource on "Seller's Information"

40.        For homes with Septics - I'll be your septic authority

41.        Assist with any appointments for repairs, deliveries, appraisals, inspections

42.        Observe other showings of similar homes, calling those agents, suggesting they show your property if they haven’t

43.        Mention your home when other realtors call me on my other listings

44.        Inform your neighbors we have listed your home and ask for help in finding a buyer

45.        Promote property weekly at Howard Hanna sales meetings

46.        Promote your home to everyone I meet:  service station attendants, beauty show operators, bankers, lawyers, doctors, loan officers, grocery store clerks and just EVERYONE!

47.        Notify MLS Top selling agents and Howard Hanna of any changes in your property status

48.        Update you as market changes

49.        Make up "silent" salesmen where needed to explain your home to buyers. These answer the unasked questions.

50.        Help Appraisers with accurate information on home to make the appraisal positive and work thru any possible issues

51.        If your home is not sold in 30/60/90/120 days - meet monthly via phone or in the office - to discuss possible changes in Marketing Strategy

52.        There is more I do -  behind the scenes – which I may not have listed for you-but do without thinking to sell your home..


This marketing program is my commitment to you.  I will work hard to market your home with the least inconvenience to you, and at the best price.  When and only when you receive the proceeds from the sale of your home do I receive payment for my services.

It costs no more to do business with the Best!



10 tips to Selling your home FASTER in ANY Market!


1. De-Clutter: This one is simple. De-clutter everywhere; inside and outside. If it's taking up space it is a potential candidate to be thrown out. The sellers need to make that all important mental conversion from "home to live in" to "house for sale." Personal things are a big distraction as you want the buyers to be able to visualize their own belonging in the house.

2. Repair : Buyers want everything working so don't disappoint them - dripping faucets, broken windows, leaking roofs, damaged walls and doors, etc, beg the question in the buyer's mind...What else is broken or doesn't work?

3. Lots of Light: The last thing home buyers want to see is a dark home with all of the doors and windows covered. Let the light in and open some windows to let in some fresh air. Room deodorizers leave the impression of covering something up as does a window that has the blinds drawn.

4. Clean Windows: Buyers want to know and see the view they will have from every room - don't make them look through dirty windows. If they do, the impression of a having great view is literally going "out the window."

5. Kitchen and Bathrooms: Two of the most important rooms in the house.They must be spotless and first class.Just cleaning up isn't going to be good enough - you need to "deep clean" all counters, floors, cabinets and all the fixtures in the bathrooms. In the bathrooms consider new fixtures or countertops and perhaps redoing the shower and tub enclosures. If new fixtures are not in the budget you may want to consider having them refinished. Think about having all the tile steam cleaned and make sure all grout is free from grease and dirt.

6. Odors: Absolute deal killers are cigarette or pet odors. If this is a problem - have the drapes, carpets and furniture professionally cleaned and please..."no smoking" in the house. Also, cooking odors are not a good thing. The best bet is to always for plan fresh air. Often a little lemon oil mixed with water in a spray bottle used lightly used will add just a bit of freshness without overpowering the house.

7. Paint: A fresh coat of paint on the outside or inside is an excellent way of freshening up your home. Be sure to use neutral colors and avoid accent painting. Don't try and guess what a potential buyer will like. In most cases they should use a professional painter because it's always a bigger job than most people think.

8. Yard Work: Deal with overgrown bushes, shrubs and trees. Everything in the yard needs to be trimmed, watered, manicured and "living." Remove everything lying around the yard including sports equipment, boats, trailers, toys, etc. You may also add some color by placing some annuals in planters in the back as well as in the front. Curb appeal makes that all important "first impression."

9. Furniture: The bottom line... less is best. If it's old, worn or dated, you should put it in storage. Remember that you are setting a stage and the actor needs to be the house - not their furniture.

10. Hardwood Floors: Hardwood floors can be a huge plus for buyers unless they look like a 20 year old basketball court. It may be a great investment to have them all refinished - but keep in mind that it's not a simple weekend project. 




And that's - 10 Tips to Sell A Listing Faster



Mortgage Checklist for Buyers

Tips on EXPEDITING the loan process-brng to loan application:  





  • I truly love meeting new people. As this is a service industry, that is the most important part of my credentials.  I am a "people" person.  
  • Helping people achieve the American Dream is what I want to do.
  • I am a volunteer at the local Dog Shelter as a dog walker 
  • I am an Active Fundraiser & On Call Crisis Advocate for a Northeast Ohio Battered Women's Shelter, Womensafe, Inc.
  • I have a family & home. I know what it means to compromise or fight for what  you want for yourself and your family.
  • I am a Lifelong Resident of Ohio.  I love looking for homes and finding "THE ONE" in new locations all over the area.
  • I love learning and have graduated with an Associates of Accounting from Kent State and a Fine Arts Degree from Hiram College.
    • Take your listing (some ask for money at listing time)
    • Put Property on MLS (multiple listing service)
    • Have a service/office make showing appmts
    • What are the current interest rates?
    • What are the closing costs associated with the loan you are offering?
    • Do these charges include:
      • Lender Fee
      • Processing, underwriting, document preparation fees
      • All title charges and title insurance
      • Lock in fees
      • Origination fees
      • Are there any fees I left out?
    • Will your provide a written estimated closing statement?
    • How long is your lock in period for loan and rate?
    • Do you offer any incentives for using your company?
    • Is there a prepayment penalty with this loan program?
    • Regarding customer service - is there someone available after business hours or on weekends to speak with or meet with me?
        • Last 30 days paystubs
        • W-2 for last two years
        • If self employed - tax returns, profit loss
        • 2 yrs previous employers - name, phone, address
        • 2 months bank statements - Chkg & Savings
        • Asset statements covering a 60 day period - original - all investments
        • 2 years residence addresses
        • Names, addresses, account numbers, balances, and Monthly minimum payemtns on all open loan/credit cards (copy of most recent statements
        • Name, address and phone number of landlords for last 2 years if applicable
        • Addresses of all real estate owned (account numbers, balances, and monthly payments with name and address of lender.  If rental property - copy of lease(s)
        • Bankruptcy papers if applicable - copy of bankruptcy discharge, list of creditors and statement of financial affairs
        • Separation Agreement and Divorce Decree (if applicable)
        • Proof of child support income for last 12 months (if applicable)
        • VA Loans (if applicable) DDsa4 Separation Papers and Certifcate of Eligibility
        • Check for loan application fee - $300 about for conventional $350 about Gov't loan
        • Social Security Benefit Letter
        • Picture indentification required for each applicant
        • For Refinance ONLY - bring  1-Copy of Mortgage statement 2-Homeowner's Declaration page 3-Copy of survey 4-Original Title Policy
      • Applicant's name should be on all documentation submitted
            • Great inventory of homes available
            • Interest Rates are AMAZING!
            • Sellers are making deals with buyers like never before
            • Bank Owned, Short Sales & Owner Properties to suit your needs
            • Loan Programs available - conventional & FHA & VA
            • Down payment assistance programs available
            • Cheaper to BUY than RENT
            • Government tax credits to Buyers on Federal Taxes


  • Interest Rates are still LOW!
  • Winter - Spring - Summer -Fall - BUYERS ARE OUT THERE!
  • Good Buyers Market
  • Great Mortgage Programs
  • Migration City to our territory
  • Excellent Professionals
  • Upbeat Attitudes
  • Howard Hanna Money Back Guarantee
  • Company sponsored Advertising
  • Training
  • Positive Media
  • Cheaper to Buy than Rent
  • Upgrade your real estate investment at a lower interest rate
  • Face to Face Service with a Great Real Estate Professional
  • Creatively bring a buyers & sellers to contract terms




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